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Rigid Foam Sheets



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  • Styrofoam, light blue, trimmed
    20 Variants
    Styrofoam, light blue, trimmed
    from 1,50 €
    Edges: straight, Density: approx. 52 kg/m³
  • Styrofoam, light blue, untrimmed
    9 Variants
    Styrofoam, light blue, untrimmed
    from 2,40 €
    Edges: partially with seams, Density: approx. 33 kg/m³, Useable size: guaranteed minimum dimension
  • Polystyrene foam Styropor EPS 040 DEO/WAB
    6 Variants
    Polystyrene foam Styropor EPS 040 DEO/WAB
    from 0,95 €
    material: Multi-purpose insulation panel made from expanded polystyrene foam
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