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Pilot pens for every purpose - With Pilot through thick and thin

When it comes to writing, Pilot stands out with three different groups of pens:

Gel rollerball pens from the Pilot G2 or Pilot G-Tec series impress in the artistic field with their enormously fine leads, with which you can precisely draw the most filigree lines. Whether for tiny writing or hatching, these Pilot pens take it to the extreme!

The fountain pens of the Parallel Pen series represent the other extreme. Their extra-wide nibs invite both opulent calligraphy and dynamic sketching.

For writing everyday notes, the practical Pilot pens for erasing from the Frixion product family are sent into the race. These pens are available as rollerball pens, highlighters and fiber-tip pens, and are extremely popular with everyone from schoolchildren to office workers.

A Pilot with foresight: responsible use of resources

Pilot places enormous value on sustainability and dutifully aligns itself with ISO 14001. This standard stands for the promotion of environmental protection. Harmful effects on nature are to be kept to a minimum.

With its "BEGREEN" range, Pilot has already won several environmental awards, including the coveted EMAS certificate. The idea is to produce as many Pilot pens as possible from recycled plastic. But of course, the development of the corresponding refills is also part of the process. After all, pen barrels and caps contain the largest proportion of plastic. The goal is that you never have to throw away your Pilot pens!

Another special feature of the company is its production. Pilot produces pens, refills and their components itself, making it one of the few companies in the industry that attaches great importance to environmentally friendly production. In addition, all Pilot pens sold in Europe are manufactured in the company's own European factories. The transport distances saved as a result go a long way to protecting our environment!

How "brushes" became Pilot pens: A brief look at history

In 1918, as Japan begins to open up to Western influences, Ryosuke Namiki founds the "Namiki Manufacturing Company" together with his colleague Masao Wada. Namiki is fascinated by the principle of fountain pens, which enable continuous writing. Because, unlike the traditional brush, the ink seems to flow continuously, contemporaries also called the pens "10,000 year brushes."

The engineer and professor also had many an idea for optimizing the writing instrument, which was still quite young at the time. Just ten years later, the company had locations in Singapore, Boston and London, among other places.
In 1938, the company name was changed and the first Pilot pens appeared on the world stage. The two founding fathers knew each other from Tokyo Merchant Marine College. With the name Pilot they refer to their "maritime roots". The company's philosophy is based on the concept of the captain, who can only make the "big ship" the best and fastest with the support of his crew.

Since the 1950s, Pilot has specialized in producing its own inks in addition to pens. In 1993, their first gel ink rollerball appeared on the market. In 2006, the development of the erasable Frixion pens represented another milestone.

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