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Ecobra: quality products from then until now

As early as 1893, the master craftsman Johann von Eichmüller founded the company "Eichmüller & Co" and from then on was engaged in the development and production of compasses and other drawing tools. With flourishing trade relations with the USA, the brand quickly established itself on the market, so that Eichmüller's factory quickly became one of the most important companies in the industry after his death.

In 1922, the company was transformed into a stock corporation, the "Bayerische Reißzeugfabrik AG". The merger of the old and the new company name then gave rise to the ECOBRA trademark, which is known everywhere today. The name Ecobra was born out of Eichmüller & Co and Bayerische Reißzeugfabrik Aktiengesellschaft and still stands for high-quality cutting tools today.

In the 1950s, Ecobra was already exporting its products to 60 countries. A decade later, the company developed the quick-setting compass, which is still popular today.
To this day, Ecobra has greatly expanded its product range and, in addition to compasses and drawing tools, also produces cutting machines and cutting mats, cutters and blades, navigation and measuring devices, optics, and drawing and stationery products.

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