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Ecobra compass

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Professional compass from Ecobra

A circle should always look the same. To make this happen, there are compasses and they usually work like this: two rods are each hinged at one end. At the other end of the compass rods is a needle on one side to fix the device and on the other a drawing device such as pencil leads to draw the circle. To draw a circle, you now fix the compass at a point with the help of the needle. If you move the drawing side around the center, a circle shape is automatically created. Its size can be adjusted by the distance between the rods.

Probably the best-known and simplest form of compass is the quick-setting compass. Here, the compass is connected to a threaded rod in the center by a rotating mechanism, so that the selected radius does not adjust when drawing. However, this would make deliberate adjustment of the radii very laborious. For this reason, quick-setting compasses are also equipped with a push lever mechanism that allows the radius to be coarsely changed in no time at all, while fine-tuning is controlled via the wheel on the threaded rod.

For the purists among you, we have an Ecobra compass in our range that focuses only on the essentials: quality, functionality and reliability. The geometry compass from Ecobra is made almost exclusively of metal, its mechanisms offer little play and the manufacturer deliberately omits extras such as a quick adjustment or knee joints. With careful handling, this compass from Ecobra will probably accompany you for a lifetime.

Ecobra compasses: Small tools that make big circles

Compasses can be as diverse as their intended use. The different sizes alone can make it difficult to decide on a model. So it's all the better that Ecobra has a solution to this problem: Compasses with optional extension. You can then draw almost twice as large a radius as without the extension.

For those who want to draw a circle beyond one meter in diameter without sacrificing precision, we have the pole compass in our range. With the largest model of the pole compass you have the possibility to draw circles with a diameter of 1.9 meters.

A tip from the expert: Most of our Ecobra compasses can be easily converted into a circle cutter for thin materials such as foil or paper using the cutting needle available from us! With the help of the Ecobra pole compass you can even cut out circles with a radius of almost 1 meter.