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Ecobra cutting mat

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Ecobra cutting mat - The foundation for clean cuts

With the double-sided cutting mat from Ecobra, you not only protect your work surfaces. You also protect your tools such as cuttersrotary cutters and other cutting devices. From both sides the cutting mats are printed with a 1 cm grid, which leads every 5 cm a thicker line for orientation. So they are ideal for designers, tailors, craftsmen, hobbyists and all those who need to do precise cutting work.

The Ecobra cutting mat consists of 5 layers. On the outside, there are two soft PVC layers per side, which protect your blade and close cuts easily. The solid core prevents the cutting mat from cutting through. Depending on your preference, you can turn the cutting mat and use it on both sides.

Your cutting mat from Ecobra in three colors
When choosing your cutting mat, you can choose between a green and a black background. The Ecobra cutting mats are also available in translucent. However, these are only printed on one side and have 3 layers instead of 5. However, they offer the advantage that you can use them on a light table and thus, for example, stencils easier to duplicate. But be careful: Check the heat development of your light table beforehand to avoid damaging the cutting mat.

Ecobra cutting mats from large to small
With us you can buy the cutting mat from Ecobra in 4 formats online:

approx. DIN A1 (90 x 60 cm)

approx. DIN A2 (60 x 45 cm)

approx. DIN A3 (45 x 30 cm)

approx. DIN A4 (22 x 30 cm)

Attention: If you want to benefit from your Ecobra cutting mat for as long as possible, do not expose it to a strong heat source. Otherwise there is a risk of deformation of the material. For example, you should avoid direct sunlight, a light table that is too hot or electrical devices that radiate strong heat (e.g. laptops).