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We are Save Our Returns certified

Do you already know our sustainable returns management?

Since 2023, we have carried the Save Our Returns seal, standing for something we have taken for granted since launching our online store and in-house logistics in 2006.

But let's start from the beginning: For you as a customer, it can be difficult to recognize exactly those online stores that are committed to low returns rates and sustainable returns management. The Save Our Returns certificate makes visible exactly what we stand for in the area of logistics and especially returns: avoiding returns is our top priority! However, because returns are not completely absent, we integrate them into the existing goods cycle - and all this together with you.

How we avoid returns together

How we avoid returns together

Returns have a value, even if they are free of charge for you in our standard shipping within Germany. They take time, money and ultimately environmental resources. Even the ideal case of returning returned products in perfect condition for resale is costly and time-consuming. Nevertheless, we are in a position to be able to claim: With us, nothing gets away or is disposed of anytime soon!

However, before we look at the various ways in which returns are handled by us, let's take a look at how we avoid returns - because that's where everything stands and falls.

Find out more on our product pages

Find out more on our product pages

Since the inception of our online store, we have been pushing the production of image, video and text material and also illustrate our product range in detail with the help of assembly instructions or 3D configurators. Whether close-ups, exact product dimensions, material compositions, processing instructions or the view under our tables via furniture configurator: We are permanently working on integrating up-to-date, technical solutions into our online store. Our goal and vision is to make it as easy as possible for you and all our customers to select products and find relevant information.

For example, if you want to get really deep into the proverbial material, feel free to check out our material knowledge. All information will help you to make good decisions and avoid returns in the first place.

Ask if you are unsure

Ask if you are unsure

Product descriptions and product images can not clarify and answer everything in some cases, despite the greatest care. Sometimes misunderstandings arise. Sometimes you have a very special application in mind and unfortunately do not find exactly what confirms the intention in black and white. Before you order on the off chance and have to dispose of the product after one application in the worst case, get in touch with us.

Talking about it saves the environment by not ordering material for nothing and using it incorrectly or not at all. Our customer service has an answer to almost every question and draws on a wealth of material and furniture knowledge. Whether by phone, e-mail and on some sites even by chat: our colleagues are happy to help you!

We may have a spare part there

We may have a spare part there

If a plastic plate from our range of materials should break on its way to you, there is no suitable "spare part" to restore the plate to a flawless condition. After receiving your order, please check directly whether everything has arrived in perfect condition and contact us if this is not the case.

Our customer service will clarify together with you whether it is more sustainable in the individual case, for example, to return damaged goods to us. For example, from the flawless parts of large-format, slightly damaged materials, we produce smaller formats that go back into normal sales instead of ending up in the trash.

For complex products like our furniture, a return is not appropriate in many cases. If, for example, a screw is missing, the motto here is also: contact our customer service, who will send you the missing screw set. Within a few days you will be able to enjoy your new piece of furniture and together we will have made a return vanish into thin air.

Give feedback - it helps us all

Whether by e-mail, as a message on our social media channels, by phone or via a survey in the online store or retail store: Your feedback on our products helps us both to further develop our range and to supplement and improve the product information in the online store. So please let us know which product you expected to be better. This helps our assortment managers as well as other customers and avoids unnecessary returns.

What happens after the return

The time has come. Despite our high standards to prevent returns from happening in the first place, unfortunately this is exactly what happens to us. So it's time to find out how returned goods are nevertheless returned for sale and what further routes a returned product can take with us. Spoiler: Since we run our logistics and returns management in-house, there are a variety of ways to recycle returns in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Handle your order with care

Handle your order with care

Actually, it's as clear as day: Only order what you really need for good reasons. Think about it and clarify open questions before you place your order.

Did you order with the best of intentions and still aren't completely satisfied? Handle your goods responsibly and carefully - or not at all, if necessary - until you are absolutely sure that you want to keep them or return them. It's a good idea to treat the product packaging carefully, as well as the shipping packaging. You can easily reuse it for a return.

If you decide to return the product, please take the following steps to ensure that it arrives safely and securely. Do you live nearby? Avoid return shipping by stopping by our store. You can easily return items that are eligible for return in our store.

The following applies to all returns: We return items that have been returned or sent back in perfect condition to our product cycle in a relatively uncomplicated manner - in these cases, returned goods are nothing more than completely normal, stocked new goods.

Many paths lead back into the cycle

Many paths lead back into the cycle

Our returns system has grown organically and sustainably over the years. By this we mean not only the recycling of returns themselves, but also everything that helps to avoid them. However, if a return is made, our colleagues in returns management will do their best to ensure that it is handled with precision and passion. You can be sure that every return is checked by people and individually evaluated. During the inspection of goods, it is decided which further route the products will take. The fact that faultless articles go back into the sale is even the most boring, but certainly also the best and most obvious recycling.

However, returns with minor flaws are by no means disposed of. Damaged but still usable goods are sold as special items, used as samples in the corresponding departments of our store or offered for voluntary donation at the employee bazaar. Occasionally you can get hold of returns as bargains at our self-organized flea market.

This is how valuable the indication of the reason for return is

There is always a reason. Let us know why you are returning the product. Whether it is damaged, you imagined it differently or it is even different than the description or the pictures in our online store suggest: If we hear about it, we can react to it and optimize information in a targeted manner. This in turn helps other customers with their product choice and avoids returns.

What is Save Our Returns?

Save Our Returns is Europe's first certification of returns processes in e-commerce. In cooperation with the Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen (DQS), it enables retail companies like Modulor to have their responsible handling of goods and returns certified.

Independent auditors from DQS check compliance with the returns process and transparency criteria in regular audits. The Save Our Returns seal stands for product responsibility in retail and helps you choose a sustainable online store.

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