Payment methods

Secure payment made easy. If you have any questions about our payment methods in connection with your order or similar, please check our FAQ.


If you want to pay in advance, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with the payment instructions and our bank details after completing the order. Your delivery will be sent to you immediately after receipt of payment. Please note that it may take two to four business days, depending on the credit institution, until your payment reaches us.


Secure and easy payment via PayPal. You will be directed to the PayPal website at the end of the checkout to complete your order.

Klarna Invoice

Pay your order comfortably by Klarna invoice after receiving your goods. You will always receive the invoice together with your delivery. Afterwards you have 30 days or even longer to pay Klarna. There are no costs for this service. If you order on account via Klarna, you do not need a Klarna account.

  • Choose "invoice" as payment method at the checkout. There you decide whether you want to pay in 14 days or at a later date
  • After the purchase you will receive your invoice. You can pay it comfortably in the Klarna App or online. You can also pause a payment temporarily if there is a problem

Even if you buy on account via Klarna, Modulor remains your contact for general questions about goods, delivery time, returns and the right of return.

For all questions regarding your payment, you can contact Klarna customer service directly.

Credit card

Credit card payments are fast, easy and secure. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Credit Card Payment is a Klarna service. We do not store any credit card data on our servers. No Klarna account required.

Klarna Direct debit

Pay conveniently by Klarna direct debit. You do not need a Klarna account to purchase by direct debit.

Klarna Instant bank transfer

We offer you the payment by instant bank transfer via Klarna. You do not need a Klarna account, only your online banking data.

Klarna Payment by instalments

Pay easily in installments. We offer this service via Klarna and from a shopping cart amount of 6,95 €. All purchases are collected on a monthly invoice and regardless of their number, the monthly installment fee is 0.45 €. You can divide your costs into fixed or flexible installments up to 24 months. You do not need a Klarna account to pay in installments. If the amount of your shopping cart is more than 199,99 € for the first time, the agreement about an installment purchase comes into effect only with the signing of the installment contract. This will be sent to you by Klarna.


If your preferred payment method is not available, one or more of the following might apply:

  1. As is customary in online shops, with purchases on account we will verify your information using an independent credit rating service. The result of this verification may have an influence on the payment methods available to you. We ask for your understanding for this security measure.
  2. Your shopping cart may exceed the maximum value for your preferred payment method.
  3. Prepayment is only available for standard and freight forwarding delivery.

Please note that we can not give you detailed information respective the refusal.

After you have added your items to the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout, you have the option of paying via PayPal Express. Click on the PayPal Express button to go to the PayPal payment page. Once you have logged in to your PayPal account, the payment process will continue as normal with the selection of your address. Upon completion, you will be directed back to the Modulor page to finalize your order.

No, your own Klarna account is not a requirement.

Even when buying on account with Klarna, Modulor is still the responsible party for answering general questions about products, delivery times, returns and the right of return.

Questions regarding outstanding charges or credits can be addressed directly to Klarna customer service, e.g. by telephone at +49 (0)221 669 501 10.

If you mistakenly sent your payment to one of our bank accounts after buying on account with Klarna, the payment will immediately be transferred back to you. We request you to immediately send the payment on to the correct Klarna account that was communicated to you in your invoice.

Please understand that Modulor can not give further informations about the payment via PayPal. If need be, please contact Klarna customer service at +49 (02)21 669 501 10 so as to stop any dunning process that might have been initiated.

Learn everything about the ordering process and payment via Klarna - including invoice, direct debit, credit card, instant bank transfer and installment purchase. 

Order process with Klarna

Yes, shopping with Klarna is possible for both private and business customers. You will receive your Klarna invoice with payment instructions via email directly from Klarna as soon as your order has been shipped. Please note that Klarna and not Modulor is the sender of this email.

It is not possible to give a general quantity. We also offer many items as discounted packaging units.

If you are interested in buying larger quantities, you can simply fill out the bulk order form on the respective product page. We will be happy to check the possibility of an individual discount.

Coupon codes can be conveniently redeemed in the order overview at the end of the ordering process. Enter your voucher code and click on "Redeem" to activate your voucher. The value of a voucher is always given in gross (i.e. as pure value of goods, without shipping costs).

Please note the voucher conditions such as validity, minimum order value or the exclusion of certain products. A subsequent redemption of vouchers is not possible.

Foreign customers within the EU are not charged VAT if they provide a valid VAT registration number for the shipping address during checkout. Please note that orders to German locations always include VAT regardless of the invoice country. Orders for addresses outside of the EU never include VAT. You can always edit your VAT registration number in your account.