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Do you know the Japanese brand Copic as a synonym for first-class, refillable layout markers with high-percentage ink, replaceable tips and an incomparable color spectrum? Then let yourself be surprised and discover additional multiliners, refills and practical accessories.

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Copic - the epitome of layout markers

Launched in 1987, the Japanese brand Copic has managed to establish its name as the epitome of the layout marker for good reason. The company laid the foundations for its success with a pen that made it possible to draw on fresh copies and prints without dissolving the printer and toner ink. The original range of 71 colors was gradually expanded to include new products and matching accessories.

With the Copic ClassicSketch and Ciao marker lines, the company, which belongs to the Too Group and is based in Minato, Tokyo, offers a wide-ranging basis for applications in the fields of design, illustration, architecture, comics, manga, etc. Technical drawings benefit from the brand's Multiliner ink pens. Refillers and blank markers increase the sustainability of the products and also enable individualization of the range, which is now available in over 70 countries.

Copic markers

Copic markers

No matter whether you choose Copics from the Classic, Sketch or Ciao series: All pens are refillable and feature replaceable tips. The quick-drying, water-free alcohol-based Copic Ink is available in a total of 358 shades, which you can also mix and match as required. You won't find an end to the rainbow.

The Copic color system

Countless colors offer countless possibilities. Don't be intimidated by the immense selection of different markers and what at first glance appears to be a very complex color system.

On the cap or barrel of your marker you will find a label that gives you information about the color family, color saturation, intensity and color name.

The color families include blue, red, yellow, green and grey tones and are abbreviated with the initial letters of their English names. For example, R stands for the Red color family, BV for Blue Violet and C for Cool Gray. In addition, Copics identifies fluorescent shades with a capital F in combination with the respective color family (e.g. FG Flourescent Green). Colorless and black Copic markers do not have letters but numbers (e.g. 0 Colorless, 1 Black).

The color saturation is divided into the groups 0 to 9, with 0 indicating the highest transparency.

The intensity refers to the color brightness. Copic divides it from light to dark into the groups 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

The color name usually refers to things that are present in everyday life and can easily be associated with the respective hue.

For example, if you have a Copic with the label B18 Lapis Lazuli in front of you, you can classify it directly: Blue color family, saturation level 1, intensity 8, color name Lapis Lazuli.

Practical: If you combine different colors that belong to the same family and have the same saturation, you can create wonderfully smooth transitions, brighter areas or shadows. Alternatively, Copic Blender is a convincing tool for creating color gradients and highlights.

Copic fineliners

Copic fineliners

Markers are all well and good, but with the Copic Multiliner, the Japanese company also offers you versatile fineliners for sketches and precise line drawings. The waterproof pigment ink can easily be painted over with Classic, Sketch or Ciao markers without smudging. The result is copy-proof, smudge-proof and resistant to UV light.

The Multiliner SP provides extra sustainability. Their tips are replaceable. Refill cartridges allow virtually unlimited use of the pens made of brushed aluminum.

Practical accessories

Practical accessories

In our range you will not only find Copic brand pens, but also practical accessories that complement the pens.

Would you like to replace the tips, refill the ink or cartridge? Are you planning to fill blank markers with your individually mixed colors? Everything is possible and much more. Use the Copic Clip compasses to create colorful circles on paper. The displays make it easy for you to put together your own personal marker set.

The Copic brand has piqued your interest and you would like to delve deeper into the subject? You can find more information about the colorful layout markers on our marker page. For fineliner fans, we recommend the Copic Multiliner page.