Copic marker set

Do you find it difficult to decide on a single Copic? No problem! With a Copic marker set, you can directly access a pre-selection sorted by theme or color. From a set of 6 to try out to an opulent set of 72, there are numerous combinations to discover.

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Copic marker set: bundled variety

With three different marker lines and a color palette comprising a total of 358 shades, Copic offers an enormous variety of products. The Japanese company takes you by the hand so that you can still dedicate yourself to the world of layout pens in a relaxed manner: Copic marker sets contain a preselection sorted by theme or color group. Depending on the variant, the sets contain 6, 12, 24, 36 or even 72 pens. This gives you a balanced mix of colors for your ideas in one go.

Copic markers - the different product lines

The first decision you need to make when choosing a Copic marker set is which product line is best suited to your project. All markers contain the same color, but differ in terms of their shape, size and the two pen tips.

The square Copic Classic combines a large tank with a medium-width wedge tip and a fine round tip. It is mainly used in the fields of architecture, design and illustration.

The oval Copic Sketch is ideal for designs, illustrations, mangas and comics. It has a medium-width wedge tip and a soft brush tip. Thanks to its 358 color options, it offers numerous possibilities for putting together expressive Copic marker sets.

The smallest of the markers, the round Copic Ciao, is the ideal entry-level model. With its medium-width wedge tip and soft brush tip, it offers you the same possibilities as the Copic Sketch, but has a smaller tank and a reduced color palette specially designed for beginners.

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For which application would you like to use the Copic marker set?

The second question that arises when deciding on a particular Copic marker set is the question of the intended use. Are you looking to acquire a basic set of basic colors? Are you mainly making technical drawings in various shades of gray or are you planning to create colorful manga?

When choosing a Copic marker set, bear in mind that you can apply the ink in several layers. This gives you the opportunity to make the colors more intense and darker. You can also layer different colors on top of each other and mix them in this way. If you want to make colors appear brighter, the Copic Blender is your tool of choice. The pen contains a clear solvent that can be used to create smooth transitions or add highlights. A Copic marker set therefore offers you many more possibilities than the colors it contains might suggest at first glance.

Copic Marker Set Classic

Copic Marker Set Classic

Copic marker sets from the Classic series are available in 12, 36 and 72 marker sets. The smallest set is strongly application-oriented. The range includes architectural, environmental and portrait colors. There are marker sets dedicated to the different seasons as well as versions containing soft, bright colors or various shades of grey.

If you are approaching the topic of Copic for the first time, it is worth taking a closer look at the 36 Copic Classic marker set. Consisting of 24 colors, 10 different shades of grey and 2 shades of black, it offers you a solid basic set for your projects.

You can only get even more Copics Classic in one go with a set of 72. The highlight of the large sets: If you gradually purchase all four variants, you have the entire range of the Classic series with 214 shades at your disposal. The colors 100 (black) and 110 (special black) are then included twice in your range.

Copic Marker Set Sketch

Copic Marker Set Sketch

Thanks to its wide range of colors, the Copic Sketch is predestined for combinations: You can purchase the pen from us as a set of 12, 24, 36 and 72.

You can find the 12-pack version in our store as a combination pack with the most important basic and primary colors or as a set for portraits. The 24-pack version is a good basic set including black and a blender. The 36-pack version is worth buying if you value a good selection of different shades of gray in addition to a basic set. And with a Copic Marker Set Sketch, which contains 72 pens, you can decide whether you prefer a basic version with numerous vibrant colors or a version with different earth tones.

Copic marker set Ciao

Copic marker set Ciao

The Ciao series is of course also available as a Copic marker set. Available from us in packs of 6, 12, 36 and 72. The 6-pack or 5+1-pack set is particularly interesting for Copic newcomers. It combines 5 Copic Ciao markers with a Copic Multiliner. With this compact set, you can develop a feel for Copics as a beginner and as a professional you have a combo that fits in any bag. So you can live out your creativity anytime and anywhere!

Do you think in larger dimensions? With this pen series, you also have the option of gradually acquiring the entire color spectrum by purchasing a Copic marker set: With the five sets of 36, which contain light, dark or neutral color combinations depending on the variant, you can call all 180 Copic Ciao colors your own.

Practical: Most of the sets are supplied in a transparent acrylic display. This keeps your pens neatly and safely stowed away. You can also easily see which pens are in the box. The practical boxes are also available separately so that you can put together individual Copic marker sets. You can find the corresponding individual pens under Copic markers.