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The right model for everyone: The different Copic markers at a glance

First of all, no matter which Copic marker you choose: Each of them has two different tips. It's best to think about what you mainly want to use the markers for and then select the appropriate marker series. To make your decision a little easier, we'll show you below how they differ and what makes them special. Of course, you can buy your Copic markers from us individually or directly as a practical set.

Copic Classic Marker - the classic of the Copic brand

The square COPIC Classic Marker is equipped with a fine round and a wedge-shaped solid fiber tip. It is ideal for designs and hard lines in the field of architecture and design. This model offers the largest ink tank of all Copic markers, which makes it especially interesting for people who work with it a lot and frequently.

Copic Sketch Marker - the individual Copic marker

The COPIC Sketch Marker has a soft brush tip in addition to its firm wedge tip. Depending on how hard you press down with it, you change the width of the stroke and thus give your lines momentum and dynamics. This marker offers the widest color palette of all Copics and has a large color tank. Thus, it is especially suitable for you if you work very nuanced and frequently with the pens.

Copic Ciao Marker - the affordable alternative

With its circular shape, the COPIC Ciao Marker has the comparatively smallest tank, but equipped with the popular brush tip and a medium-width wedge tip, it is a true all-rounder. As the most affordable Copic marker, it still offers the same high-quality ink as its marker siblings. Due to its smaller ink tank, this marker is excellent for you if you are new to the world of Copics and want to try it out a bit first.

By the way: You can buy all Copic markers individually or in sets. Please note that not every marker is available in every color by default. However, for each marker model, a blank marker can be ordered individually, which can be refilled with any color that the Copic Various Ink refill system has in store for you.

Touch Marker - the alternative to the Copic marker

You can't get used to Copic or you just want to try something different? Then just try the Touch Marker - in our opinion a serious and at the same time somewhat cheaper competitor to the classic Copic Marker. The South Korean layout markers paint with alcohol-based ink just like Copic markers, are also refillable and have different interchangeable tips. Although the color selection is not quite as pronounced as with Copic, the Touch Marker does not have to hide with over 200 colors. In addition, the purchase and maintenance costs are lower.

Ultimately, it is a decision of personal taste and preferences. But there is nothing against combining both brands in your pen collection.