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Copic refills

Copic Ink refills offer you the opportunity to refill your Copic markers and use them for a lifetime. They also provide you with an infinite color palette: all variants of the alcohol-based dye ink can be mixed with each other.

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For more sustainability and individual colors: Copic Ink refills

No matter whether your Copic range consists of ClassicSketch or Ciao: Copic Ink is compatible with all markers from the Japanese company. You can easily refill the pens, thereby extending their lifespan, reducing waste and conserving resources.

If you use the Copic Ink refill bottles to mix your own colors, the empty markers offer you additional options: You can use them to design pens entirely according to your own ideas.

Interesting fact: Copic Ink is a water-free alcohol-based dye ink. It dries quickly and is also suitable for flat work. Once dry, it is smudge-proof.



The Copic Ink refills make refilling the pens simple and straightforward. As the caps of the bottles are colored just like those of the markers and marked with the respective color code, you can find the variant you need in no time at all. The long nozzle of the transparent bottle prevents spills. It reaches comfortably into the tank of the layout pen when refilling or into the empty bottle when mixing a color.

A Copic Ink refill bottle holds a total of 12 ml. A scale on the side makes it easy for you to keep an eye on how much ink you have left: each line corresponds to 1 ml.

As the different layout markers hold different amounts of ink, you can refill them differently with one bottle of Copik Ink: A Copic Classic contains about 2.5 ml of ink. With a Copic Ink refill bottle, you can refill it about five times. A Sketch contains around 1.8 ml of ink. One bottle of ink is enough for about seven refills. You can refill the smallest of the layout markers around nine times. The tank of the Copic Ciao has a capacity of 1.4 ml.

Copic Ink refill instructions

Copic Ink refill instructions

Now it's getting practical! To refill your markers, proceed as follows:

Remove both caps from the pen and remove the wider, generally less sensitive tip with tweezers by pulling it out of the barrel. You can then easily insert the nozzle of the Copic Ink refill bottle into the tank of the pen to fill it with the required amount of ink. Replace the tip and wait a moment before using the pen so that the ink can spread evenly.

Practical: Even if you want to change the marker tip, you now know how to do it.

Copic Ink refill for creative applications

Refilling pens and creating new colors is all well and good - but with Copic Ink refills you can just as easily get creative straight away. Copic refill inks can also be used for airbrush and fluid art work. Use a spray gun or simply drip the paint onto your painting surface - Copic Ink refills give you the choice.

Tip: If you want to further refine your artistic work, take a closer look at our Copic Marker Sets. The sets offer you a good basis for working with layout pens.