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Lamy stationery - an overview

The year was 1952, and for the first time a fountain pen bore the name Lamy - just like the founder of the legendary stationery brand himself! Josef Lamy had already set up his own business in the 1930s, but initially produced under a different name. "Tintomatik" was the magic word with which the Lamy 27 guaranteed clean and particularly even ink flow.

When you hear the name "Lamy", you probably first think of the popular fountain pens, but don't think that's all there is to it! Mechanical pencils from Lamy invite you to draw and take notes. The rollerball pens combine the advantages of fountain pens and ballpoint pens. In times of touchpad and voicemail, Lamy has become a true guardian of handwriting!

The Lamy philosophy: shapes, colors, writing pleasure!

For more than half a century, the family-owned Lamy company has been providing the world with high-quality stationery. The modern design of the award-winning Lamy products is always based on the idea of ensuring optimum functionality and writing comfort. No detail lacks a purpose!

You already guessed it: quality is capitalized at Lamy not only for grammatical reasons. The robust Lamy pens are famous for their durability and are anything but a throwaway product. Replaceable individual parts make your Lamy a true long-term companion!

And you can recognize them at first glance: in their numerous color and material variants, Lamy stationery enjoys great popularity worldwide.
Since basic motor skills are known to be learned well before starting school, Lamy expanded its product range even further. A "Plus" in the name identifies the child-friendly colored pencils and watercolor boxes.

Lamy Highlights: Inner values, extremely convincing!

Sustainability - pencils from Lamy are an investment in the future!

We live in a throwaway society. But Lamy shows that there is another way! For each empty pen Lamy produces separately available refills, cartridges or even a converter. Changing the nib in a Lamy product is child's play. And speaking of children: paint pots for the "Aquaplus" paint boxes are also available separately.

With their timeless design and high-quality workmanship, Lamy stationery products guarantee never-ending writing pleasure. For minor and major repairs of its products, the manufacturer also provides its customers with the appropriate spare parts - and all this MADE IN GERMANY!

Hand-held penholders - Lamy has that certain something in its grip!

With their ergonomic recessed grips, the pen holders of the LAMY abc and Lamy Safari series, for example, have become indispensable, especially in schools. Often a Lamy pen remains a valued writing companion even far beyond the last class test! But also the stylish ballpoint pens Lamy Lx and the calligraphy fountain pen Lamy Joy shine with the distinctive grip - you can put out of the hand, but you do not want.

Personality - Lamy pens are as versatile as their owners!

The numerous designs of Lamy products already provide an impressive range of choices. But again, it is not only the outer, but also the inner values that ultimately convince. Adapt your Lamy pen to your individual handwriting by simply changing the nibs or experiment with the different line widths of the Lamy leads. You will be amazed - small intervention, big effect!
Or use a Lamy converter instead of cartridges to be able to use different writing inks with your Lamy pen.

Multi-system - your Lamy favorite with multifunction!

Literally in the blink of an eye, you can switch between different refills with these special Lamy pens. Four colors or an additional mechanical pencil lead are hidden in the same pen and can be adjusted with a simple twist - very practical!

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