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Lamy Rollerball Pens

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Ink belongs on paper, not in your pocket - and Lamy has the solution!

Do you know the problem? You've chosen a pen with a clip so that you can attach it securely to your bag at any time. But then you forget to click the tip back into the pen because you're so quick to put it back, and bang: ink stain!

The rollerball pens from the Lamy Tipo series have a special click mechanism integrated in the clip that prevents this. Here's how it works: To extend the refill, simply slide the clip down. In this position, the lower end of the clip clicks into place in a small recess in the barrel and - bang - its insertion function is temporarily blocked. As soon as you have finished writing, you simply have to press the upper end of the clip briefly to let the tip shoot back into the pen. The clip is now unblocked. This way you can attach your Lamy rollerball to your pocket without it drawing where it shouldn't.

Lamy rollerball: cartridges or refill?

One thing in advance: The Lamy rollerball "feed" you not with cartridges. They even go one step further and have developed a special refill especially for the models that do not need a cap: the M66! You can find the right refill for your Lamy rollerball in our online store in the colors blue and black.
The Lamy Tipo rollerball pen can be easily screwed between the grip zone and the shaft to change the refill in a few simple steps.

Writing with the Lamy tipo rollerball: erasable or not?

There is a little confusion about whether the ink of the Lamy rollerball is erasable or not. We checked directly with Lamy and got the following resolution to the mystery:

First of all: Yes, it exists, the erasable Lamy rollerball refill. It is the M66, royal blue, line width M. The good news: you can get exactly this refill from us!
The less good news: The Lamy Tipo rollerball pens are delivered from the factory with a refill M66, also royal blue, but with line width B. And THAT is NOT erasable!