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Lamy Fountain Pen Converters

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Z27 vs Z28: Which Lamy converter for which fountain pen?

The Z28 converter (red) has small "knobs" on the sides which fit into notches provided for this purpose on the pin. This is to prevent it from turning during filling due to the screw movement. Unfortunately, this also makes the converter too bulky for the more elegant Lamy pens such as the Lamy Studio or Lamy St.

But even for this Lamy has come up with a suitable solution: The Z27 has no additional stability knobs, but is guaranteed to fit in any Lamy fountain pen.

How to fill your Lamy converter

The handling of the Lamy converter is almost frighteningly simple. You put it into your Lamy fountain pen instead of a cartridge, dip the nib into the inkwell and slowly draw it up, similar to a small syringe. Done!
Attention: It may happen that the converter does not fill completely on the first try. You are not doing anything wrong here. The reason for this is the surface tension of the ink. Repeat the process once, twice at the most. Trick 17: Alternatively, you can put the small glass ball from a conventional ink cartridge into the converter. This has a "surface-relaxing" effect.

With the Lamy converter, you get away cheaper!

Few people are indifferent to waste avoidance these days. With the decision for a converter you can even put a financial icing on the cake! The Lamy inkwells in our online store have a capacity of 30 ml. This corresponds to the amount of ink of 24 Lamy cartridges. So you save a good 1/3 of your costs and a lot of plastic to boot.

Expand your color horizon!

Especially for those of you who like to be a bit more flexible in the color design of their writing, the switch to a converter is worthwhile. Fragrant or fluorescent highlighter inks are only mentioned in passing here. Unfortunately, not every writing ink is available in cartridge form. With the Lamy converter, you won't have to worry about that in the future!