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Lamy Fountain Pens

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Whether recording or award: Lamy fountain pens have many faces!

Over the decades, Lamy has brought an impressive variety of fountain pen models onto the market. It is fair to say: there is something for everyone here!

For the beginners, there is the learning fountain pen Lamy abc, which is specialized in so many details extra for the demands of small children's hands. The models Lamy Safari and Lamy Al Star were developed more for the later, adventurous everyday life of pupils and students. These fountain pens are designed for longer writing and are characterized by their special robustness.
With the Joy Al fountain pen, Lamy is targeting the public with a love of calligraphy.
The Lamy Lx seductively combines everyday practicality with a touch of luxury.
You will find a noble and elegant fountain pen in the representatives of the Lamy Studio, Lamy St and Lamy cp series.

The exchangeable nibs from Lamy: wonderfully changeable!

Time for a nib change? Hardly any other manufacturer makes it so easy for you to adapt your fountain pen to your handwriting in this essential detail. Lamy fountain pens are equipped with an "M" (as in "medium") nib as standard. This is per se suitable for everyone. If you like it a little more unusual, you can easily personalize your Lamy fountain pen with a different nib.
But be careful: we point out that especially for the experimental writers among you, there is an increased potential for collecting addiction! (The author speaks from her own experience here)

Do left-handers need a special Lamy fountain pen?

The ergonomically designed grips of Lamy fountain pens are suitable for both right- and left-handers. When it comes to the nib, however, you can definitely be a little more specific. Since left-handers usually develop a slightly angled hand position so as not to smudge the writing, the left-handed nib "LH" from Lamy is also beveled accordingly.

The fullness in the shell - Lamy cartridges and converters

First things first: You cannot fill a Lamy fountain pen with standard cartridges! Due to the fit, you need at least the in-house large capacity cartridges for your Lamy fountain pen. An environmentally friendly alternative to this are the converters. These are refillable cartridges, so to speak, which also offer you the possibility of equipping your Lamy fountain pen with a variety of other, fancy writing inks.