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Molotow means sprays and markers, inventive spirit and high quality standards, graffiti, authenticity and the label made in Germany. How does it all fit together? We will show you.

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Molotow - from family business to internationally active company

A family business founded in 1959, turntables in the paint shop and innovative ideas in the mind formed the basis of the Molotow brand. When Jürgen Feuerstein took over his parents' business in 1996, he let his enthusiasm for music and muscle cars flow into the business. Contacts to the graffiti scene followed almost automatically and prepared the way for the first big clou, which can be regarded as Molotow's hour of birth: a spray can without mixing balls.

This was followed by further innovations such as the first graffiti-optimised Molotow Premium spray can and the One4all acrylic markers. Molotow gave graffiti artists the opportunity to exhibit in the company's own gallery K 31, thus taking their creative form of expression out of the corner of vandalism. With the Molotow Train, a discarded sleeping car, the company not only provided itself with a cool reference to its roots in 2012, but also an area for graffiti and art actions at the Molotow headquarters in Lahr, which became a trademark.

No matter how many rounds Jürgen Feuerstein's 1210s, the legendary Technics turntables, did over the years, the Molotow brand always remained true to its philosophy. It can be summed up in just four words: Innovations, quality, graffiti and down-to-earthness.

What is special about Molotow?

Molotow's paints are characterised by particularly high colour brilliance and opacity thanks to the unique use of fourfold ground automotive paint pigments. They are unique in terms of their quality, durability and function. The Molotow markers successfully transfer these spray paint properties into a pen form. In addition, the product range is so broad that you will find a suitable pen for numerous applications and substrates.

In accordance with its motto, the Molotow brand convinces with constant product development. When creating new pens and spray cans, the focus is on both user benefits and sustainability. Refillable tanks and exchangeable tips are one thing, short procurement routes and low energy consumption are another. At the company's Black Forest headquarters, for example, 75% of the operating power required is already solar-powered. The sprays and markers are produced in Germany.

The Molotow markers

The Molotow markers

No matter whether you are looking for a Molotow pen like the Blackliner Permanent for sketches, outlines or as a writing instrument, a graphic model including wedge and brush tip for illustrations or a graffiti tag marker: at Molotow you will find what you are looking for. Both the water-based and the alcohol- and acrylic-based versions offer you extras that are optimally tailored to their purpose:

The Masterpiece Speedflow, for example, impresses with its high pigmentation and fast-flowing Speedflow ink. You can easily use the Dripstick rollerball on uneven surfaces and easily control the ink flow thanks to its squeeze body. If you are looking for a Molotov pen that is also suitable for children, we can recommend the Aqua Color Brush. The ink uses food-based dyes and is odourless, water-soluble and quick-drying.

Especially noteworthy: the brand's pump markers are characterised by the special R.E.M. concept, which stands for Refill, Exchange and Mix.

You can refill the pens at least 50 times, exchange their tips and mix colours and inks on the same basis. Refill extensions, which make it easier for you to fill the tanks, are available separately.

Do you want to create your own Molotow paint markers? No problem! With the Molotow blank markers you can mix inks and colours individually and choose between different tanks and tips.

The Molotow spray cans

The Molotow spray cans

Molotow spray cans are close to their users and always have a specific goal in mind. Depending on whether you value speed, accurate lines, high durability or artistic possibilities, you can choose between different products.

The can with which it all began is still convincing today when it comes to Quick- and Silverpieces. The Molotow Burner Chrome is particularly quiet, covers well and is quick to fill large areas. If you are looking for a real graffiti classic with a wide range of colours, the Molotow Belton Premium is made for you. It gives you clear, angular lines and, above all, UV and weather-resistant properties. If necessary, you can also use it on canvases. As a water-based product, Coversall Water-Based has an unobtrusive odour and, thanks to its ultra-performance technology, is even compatible with damp Burner Chrome.

Of course, it always comes with high-quality pigments and the patented Molotow technologies: no dust, anti-drip, all-season (-10°C to +50°C), covers-all.

Product lines: the right tool for every purpose

How much Molotow keeps the focus on practical application at all times can be seen in the different product lines. The brand divides its paint sprays and pens into the categories Action, Artist, Professional and One4all.

Action is graffiti through and through. The spray cans are designed for dynamic, fast paint application. A requirement that the Molotow tag markers, which are designed for rough surfaces, also master without difficulty.

The Artist line is suitable for demanding graffiti and artwork. High-quality lacquers ensure good durability of the artwork. The refillable One4all markers, located here and in their own category, are suitable for almost any surface and almost any creative application that comes to mind. You can dilute their acrylic paint with both water and acetone. Their capillary system ensures even colour distribution. The Flowmaster valve allows you to control the flow of paint.

The Molotow spray cans of the Professional line are aimed at fine art artists with their different effect paints, pre- and post-treatments. With the special Vari valve, line widths between 0.4 and 20 cm can be achieved. The Professional markers appeal to experienced fans. The range extends from Twin graphic marker to Blackliner Brush.