Molotow Marker

Acrylic pens, fineliners, brush pens - Molotow Marker offer you a potpourri of possibilities to get creative. In addition to water-, alcohol- and acrylic-based pens, blank markers for individual design are also waiting for you.

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Molotow Markers focus on variety

No matter whether you want to transform house walls, canvases or paper into colorful works of art: Molotow has the right marker to realize your ideas in the assortment. High-quality pigments meet refillable tanks and replaceable tips. Low-odor inks with food-based dyes on scratch- and abrasion-resistant Liquid Chrome or highly opaque chalk paints.

Most of the models produced in Germany are modular. This offers you the possibility to adjust the marker optimally to your requirements and to create your own color shades if necessary. Depending on the Molotow Marker you choose, you can rely on technical refinements such as the patented capillary system. With eight ink channels, it ensures even ink distribution as well as good ink flow and easy tip changes. The Flowmaster valve, which gives you active ink flow control, is also found in numerous Molotow Markers.

To make your search for the right Molotow Marker for your ideas as uncomplicated as possible, the company divides its products into three application lines: Action, Artist, Professional.

Moltow Marker Action

You could say the Action range of Molotow Markers is synonymous with the words graffiti, dynamism and speed. What is required is a fast-paced flow of color, convincing coverage and high functionality on uneven or rough surfaces in combination with lasting durability.


The Masterpiece series offers you the option to choose between Signal or Copper Black. By choosing one or the other, you automatically decide whether you want to use the Coversall or Speedflow action markers.

You also have the free choice regarding the tips of your Molotow Marker Masterpiece. The absolute highlight of the Masterpiece series is definitely the 760PI/767PI marker. Its 6 cm wide pen tip masters large-area projects with ease.

Tip: Molotow relies on R.E.M. technology for many of its markers. Refill, Exchange and Mix is the motto. You can refill the tanks of the corresponding products up to 50 times, exchange the tips and mix compatible colors and inks. If you want to combine the best features of the Coversall ink with those of the Speedflow variant, just get started.


✔ Alcohol-based

✔ Signal black (with synthetic bitumen)

✔ Viscoplastic ink application

✔ Fast-drying, highly opaque, permanent, glossy, scrub-resistant, UV- and weather-resistant


✔ Alcohol-based

✔ Copper black

✔ Fast-flowing

✔ Fast-drying, highly opaque, permanent, glossy, scrub-resistant, UV- and weather-resistant

Permanent Paint Marker

The Molotow Marker Permanent Paint is also part of the R.E.M. concept. Its alcohol-based ink offers you opaque, glossy and fast-drying properties. It is permanent and suitable for almost all smooth and rough surfaces.

Tip: You can lighten alcohol-based inks with the Molotow GRAFX Blender Pump Softliner. For highlights with razor-sharp edges, you can rely on the Molotow GRAFX Art Masking Liquid Pen. The dried masking liquid can be painted over with alcohol, acrylic or water-based paints. After drying, the Masking Liquid can be removed without leaving any residue. However, it should not remain on your work for more than two days.

Molotow Marker Artist

The Artist series offers you Molotow Markers for creative applications. The pens convince with their high opacity and sophisticated technology. As Molotow Marker with the largest color variety, the One4all Markers are particularly noteworthy.


The Molotow Marker One4all rely on a high opacity and rich colors in numerous shades. Since they belong to the so-called hybrid markers, you can mix their acrylic-based color with both water and acetone. By adding acetone, you can increase the adhesion to surfaces such as leather, aluminum or smooth plastic surfaces. In general, you can use the Molotow Marker One4all on almost all surfaces. Your options range from paper, wood, stone and metal to textiles.

Decide according to your mood whether you want a 2 mm wide round tip or a 15 mm wide wedge tip, a twin variant or a complete set.

For more information on the One4all range, which includes not only Molotow Markers, but also refills, clear coats and matching painting grounds, visit our One4all brand page.

Practical: As a consistent continuation of the R.E.M. concept, Molotow supports and promotes creative work by offering empty markers in addition to individual markers and paint marker sets. The blank markers allow you to mix different colors or media, dilute them with water or acetone, or try out individual stroke widths.

Aqua Color Brush

If handlettering, colorful sketching or coloring is on your agenda, the color-intensive Aqua Color Brush are the Molotow Markers of your choice. The water-based, quick-drying and odorless ink contains food-based dyes. It is therefore suitable for young artists without hesitation. The pencils' safety cap, which has ventilation holes, also keeps kids in mind. If the minis accidentally swallow the cap, the openings can prevent the child from choking.

The elastic brush tip of the Molotow Marker Aqua Color Brush easily masters dynamic lines. Thanks to the cap-off function, it won't dry out for up to 24 hours, even if you forget to put the cap on.

Tip: Add the Aqua Squeeze Pen for cool color gradients and create soft transitions with a little water.

Chalk Marker

Since not every work is designed for eternity, you will also find Molotow Markers for temporary works in our assortment: The Chalk Markers score with color-intensive water-based chalk inks. They are highly opaque, quick-drying and even available in a metallic version. You can use them on mirrors, windows, blackboards and even canvases. They are easy to remove from smooth, non-absorbent surfaces.

Extra tips: Since the chalk markers in red and black withstand raindrops, they are ideal for day passes or offers that are advertised outdoors. If you want to create cool light effects, the neon colors of the pens are part of the game. They fluoresce under UV light.

Molotow Marker Professional

As the name suggests, the Professional series is aimed at advanced users. The colors and technologies of the Molotow Markers offer you innovative possibilities to rethink and implement classic methods.

Liquid Chrome

Mirror, mirror on the wall ... As a fan of the spray can Burner you will be enthusiastic about the Molotow Marker Liquid Chrome in no time. The further development of the Burner ink impresses with a real mirror effect, which enriches not only graffiti, but also model building projects.

The alcohol-based ink is suitable for smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. As with any Molotow Marker or spray, it is advisable to perform a pre-test on a non-visible area to ensure the ink and substrate are compatible. Liquid Chrome markers are highly pigmented, highly opaque and glossy, and permanent. Molotow classifies them as having limited scratch and abrasion resistance, but compared to other markers, they can be called very reliable with a clear conscience. Important: Shake the Liquid Chrome markers well before use to ensure that the pigments distribute well.

Good to know: The pigments are so fine that you can also use the refills with an airbrush gun.


The Molotow Marker Blackliner is a fineliner with water-based, but water- and chemical-resistant, fade-proof, document- and light-fast ink. Since the pen is available with metal-cased tips between 0.05 and 1.0 mm as well as in wedgeround and brush versions, it offers you numerous application possibilities. In addition to fine lines and outlines, two-dimensional work is also possible.

Interesting: A Molotow Blackliner with a line width of 0.3 mm can draw a distance of around 2000 m under normal climatic conditions.


The graphic marker Sketcher convinces as a sustainable, flexible and high-quality Molotow Marker for graphic and technical sketches as well as coloring. The pen consists of 95% recycled plastic, the cartridges are replaceable.

Since the Sketcher is a twinmarker, you can combine not only two different tips, but also two different colors if necessary. A total of 120 shades are available to you. 23 different shades of gray alone can enhance the spatial effect of your technical drawings. Together with the option to choose between a roundwedge or brush tip, this gives you a total of more than 60,000 possible combinations to put together a marker.

The ergonomic shape of the pen makes it comfortable to work with. The color-intensive AquaPro water-based ink is odorless, fast-drying, hardly smudges after drying and UV-resistant. It is comparable to alcohol inks, but does not bleed through even on plain printer paper.

Tip: When coloring your projects, always start with the light Molotow Markers and then work your way up to the darker shades. If you want to blend colors, you can choose to use water or transfer color from the darker marker to the lighter one by simply tapping the tips. The absorbed color mixes with the original pen color to create smooth transitions.

Calligrafx Pump Soft Liner

Lettering and numerous calligraphy works require a marker with a soft chisel tip and a rich black: The Molotow Marker Calligrafx Pump Soft Liner offers both. Its alcohol-based special ink contains synthetic bitumen, is highly opaque, glossy, permanent and quick-drying. The 2 mm tip masters both precise and dynamic strokes.

Important: You can only activate Molotow Pump Softliner with a matching Softliner Cap. The cap allows you to pump the marker without damaging the tip.

UV Fluorescent Pump Softliner

The UV-Fluorescent Pump Softliners develop their full potential under UV light, because: The alcohol-based, color-intensive, permanent and fast-drying special ink of the Molotow Markers scores with highly fluorescent properties.

Especially cool: If you want to deliver secret messages, the Molotow Marker comes in the color variant "invisible blue". Its ink is invisible in normal daylight.