Molotow One4all

One4all - the name says it all. With the Molotow markers and sprays of the series, you can let off steam on (almost) all surfaces. What else distinguishes the series?

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Molotow One4all - one range, many possibilities

The One4all range from Molotow combines acrylic markers in numerous colours, two clear lacquer spray cans and even matching sketchbooks and sketchpads. As with all its products, Molotow attaches great importance to sustainability and produces its pens and spray cans in Germany.

The One4all markers

Molotow One4all markers focus on versatility. You can choose from an immense colour palette ranging from bright yellow to soft powder tones to metallic gold and use the markers on almost all surfaces. Different models make it possible for you to choose twin markers with different width tips or variants that draw 15 mm wide lines with just one stroke.

Hybrid paint

The water-based acrylic dispersion of the One4all pens is highly pigmented, fast-drying and impresses with its very good covering power. When used decoratively, the silk-matt lacquer paint is permanent. With the exception of the effect shades, its UV resistance is good. As a so-called hybrid paint, you can dilute it with water as well as with acetone (1-3%) to improve its adhesion on very smooth surfaces, for example.

The substrates

The One4all markers are suitable for almost all surfaces, from textiles to stone and wood to polystyrene. You can use them just as well on canvas as on house walls. In an extensive test, Molotow tested different materials such as plastic, paper, wood, metal, textile, leather etc. with our Modulor sample box 199+.

You can use the results of this experiment to plan your own projects. However, we still recommend that you carry out a preliminary check on an invisible part of your material before using the One4all paint markers. Please note that the result of your work will always depend on the pre-treatment, the condition and the stress of the chosen surface. You can find a colourful application example that shows the effect of the Molotov marker on untreated wood in our magazine article "Colouring and refining picture frames".

Tip: It is possible to combine the Molotow One4all marker system with spray cans from the Urban Fine-Art line. As soon as the acrylate has dried, you can take out the pen directly.

R.E.M. technology

The Molotow One4all pens are equipped with the brand's R.E.M. technology for a long service life: Refill, Exchange and Mix is the declared motto. You can refill the tanks of the pens up to 50 times. Practical refill extensions, available separately, make your work easier and keep your fingers clean. The marker tips are interchangeable. This not only gives you the option of replacing identical versions as needed, but also ensures extra flexibility when using the paint pens. The different One4all shades can be mixed with each other and you can create completely individual shades. It is important to note, however, that neon and metallic paints lose their effects when mixed with solid colours.

Blank marker

Would you like to create writing and drawing instruments according to your own personal ideas? With the Molotow Blank Markers this is easily possible. Like the One4all models, they are equipped with the patented capillary system and the Molotow Flowmaster valve for even ink distribution.

The One4all Refills

The One4all acrylic paint is available as a refill bottle in two different sizes. Both versions are not only practical when you want to refill your paint or empty markers. You can also brush, roll, fill and even use the product with an airbrush gun thanks to its fine pigments. The acrylic paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The One4all clear coats

The One4all sprays will serve you well if you want to seal and protect your work. The clear coats can be used as sealers and fixatives and offer resistance to water, petrol, cleaning agents and UV rays. Since 85% of the volatile solvent content has been replaced by water, the fast-drying products can be described as low-odour. You can combine the water-based paints with almost all water- and solvent-based paints and apply them wet-on-wet with the One4all pens. The sprays are available in matt and gloss versions.

One4all Professional Sketchpads and Sketchbooks

It's already been said: you can use the One4all markers and sprays on just about any surface. However, the Professional Sketchpads and Sketchbooks in the line are worth a mention. They offer you 205 g/m² heavy, high-quality acrylic painting paper produced and processed by Clairefontaine. It consists of 100% cellulose, is vegan, acid-free and significantly more robust than conventional papers, which quickly reach their limits in combination with markers and sprays.

You can use it for acrylic, alcohol and water-based pens and sprays. The colours come out well on the smooth surface, but do not bleed through. The line edges are sharp. If necessary, you can apply several layers of paint on top of each other.