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      Picture Frames

      Welcome to the world of picture frames! Fill your rooms with life and create an open and pleasant atmosphere with over 300 picture frames for artwork, photos, posters or three-dimensional objects. Here you can find everything for decorating your work space and for the satisfactory presentation of the things you want to exhibit. Discover our high-quality and acid-free passepartouts as well. Or find the appropriate system for professional picture hanging. For the DIY enthusiasts among you we also offer a special selection of tools for making distinctive frames and protective mounting boards.  

      Select your picture format or browse around in our world of frames.

      Interchangeable picture frame, wood, Moritz S
      168 Variants
      from 15,90 €
      Käthe interchangeable picture frame, wood
      45 Variants
      from 7,90 €
      Interchangeable picture frame, wood, Nena S
      49 Variants
      from 23,80 €
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      Olivier wooden photo frame
      28 Variants
      from 12,90 €
      Maude wooden photo frame
      6 Variants
      from 9,90 €
      Harold wooden frame for photos
      6 Variants
      from 9,90 €
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      Moritz Max object frame, wood
      24 Variants
      from 17,90 €
      Moritz P wood frame for objects
      88 Variants
      from 17,40 €
      Object frame wood Oskar S
      7 Variants
      from 39,90 €
      Marco frameless glass picture holder
      20 Variants
      from 3,00 €

      Picture Hangers & Accessories

      Gallery Hanging Tracks

      Use hanging tracks to professionally hang artworks and frames wherever you want. The flexible track systems can be expanded into more rooms.

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      Picture hangers

      These practical picture hangers can be used anywhere where pictures, frames or materials are to be attached directly to one area of a wall.

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      Passepartouts adapt pictures for larger frames. The acid-free mounting boards protect the framed images from the frame glass and the rear panel.

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      Picture framing & supplies

      Give free reign to your ideas. Make your own picture frames, stretch frames and passepartouts with high-quality materials and tools.

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      Information about Picture Frames

      Welcome to the world of frames

      If a newly occupied office or apartment lacks cosiness despite careful furnishing, then in most cases this circumstance is due to missing plants and missing pictures. Often only a few works and suitable framing frames are sufficient to make the surroundings more homely and friendly. Whether works of art and art prints, souvenirs from the last journey, photographs of incisive life events, moving concerts, award ceremonies, portraits of family and friends or snapshots of birthday parties: picture frames can capture and show all that is unfortunately too quickly forgotten in the shallows of the smartphone, the photo album or the box in the dark corner of the cupboard.

      Out of sight, out of mind does not apply to picture frames: The compact and clearly visible memory archives not only lend apartments, business premises, museums and administrations a pleasant or even noble character. In addition to the framed pictures, they can also become works of art themselves and be an expression of individuality. Depending on opulence and taste, a frame can also help a room to its full splendour without a picture.

      From discreet to playful: Here you will find your picture frame

      Our fine range of frames, with a total of over 300 frames for the pictures, works and objects you have selected for hanging, offers the matching strip: The frame profiles range from modern, smooth and unobtrusive to classic with a certain something to sophisticated and richly decorated. Most of our picture frames are made of different types of wood and veneers (e.g. lime, cherry, California pine, alder, maple, a few and oak) and, if necessary, are provided with lacquers (from colourless to coloured to metallic vintage look).

      The unfinished wooden frames can be easily enhanced with wood stainacrylic paint and carvings according to your own ideas. This applies, for example, to all wooden frames made of natural lime, such as the so-called shadow joint frame. This is perfect for all those who not only want to frame other people's art, but also want to frame their own work on canvas in an appropriate and uncomplicated way.

      In addition to the unique selection of interchangeable frames and object frames, we also offer picture frames which, strictly speaking, have no frame at all. These frameless picture frames include the magnetic frame and the glass picture holder. A big advantage of these frames is the visibility of the whole picture. Classic profiles are characterised by a few millimetres of rebate and can cover the outer edge of a picture. Frameless frames, on the other hand, are guaranteed to show the entire picture surface.

      From small-format photo frames, which are perfectly matched to the usual photo dimensions, through larger interchangeable and object frames to square frames, you can choose from frame sizes between 5 x 5 cm and 90 x 120 cm to suit your living, studio and office style.

      What is a removable frame? And what is an object frame?

      Among the most popular and frequently used picture frames are the aforementioned removable frames and object frames. But what is a removable frame? And what distinguishes an object frame?

      Removable frames for more variety

      Interchangeable frames are picture frames which are equipped with an interchangeable mechanism and thus enable the quick exchange of framed pictures. Colloquially, we usually understand exactly such a picture frame under a picture frame. Consisting of frame, glass and e.g. MDF torsion spring rear panel, these frames can enclose a passe-partout, a picture and possibly an interleaving cardboard.

      The interleaving board serves as acid-free protection between the picture and the MDF rear panel. The passe-partout in turn lies between the picture and the glass and prevents the picture or poster from sticking to the frame glass. In addition, it has a cutout that can be much smaller than the clear size of the frame. In this context, passe-partouts are mainly used to fit smaller pictures into larger picture frames. At the same time, they create a distance between frame and picture that can be consciously used to direct the viewer's attention from the outside of the frame to the picture. In this respect, there are no limits to the play with the viewer's attention. Those who want to achieve a special effect can, for example, combine a small picture and a relatively wide passe-partout with an equally wide, large-format, strongly ornamented and thus very eye-catching profile.

      Object frames for beloved objects and small treasures

      With object frames it is possible to give three-dimensional objects an adequate frame. The special feature of an object frame is its spacer bar. It provides the spatial distance between the frame glass and the rear wall. An object frame can frame ordinary pictures and flat works and at the same time act as a type case. Three-dimensional objects such as finds from a distant country, precious coins or high-quality antique jewellery can be placed in these.

      Object frames ensure both the protection and the elegant presentation of precious objects. The object frame does not always have to play the role of a wall frame. Instead, it can also be set up or laid flat on a presentation surface or the like. On festive occasions it can also be used not only as a gift, but also as gift packaging.


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