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      Picture Frames

      Welcome to the world of picture frames! Fill your rooms with life and create an open and pleasant atmosphere with over 300 picture frames for artwork, photos, posters or three-dimensional objects. Here you can find everything for decorating your work space and for the satisfactory presentation of the things you want to exhibit. Discover our high-quality and acid-free passepartouts as well. Or find the appropriate system for professional picture hanging. For the DIY enthusiasts among you we also offer a special selection of tools for making distinctive frames and protective mounting boards.  

      Select your picture format or browse around in our world of frames.

      Interchangeable picture frame, wood, Moritz S
      168 Variants
      from 13,90 €
      Käthe interchangeable picture frame, wood
      45 Variants
      from 7,10 €
      Interchangeable picture frame, wood, Nena S
      45 Variants
      from 19,80 €
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      Olivier wooden photo frame
      28 Variants
      from 11,90 €
      Maude wooden photo frame
      6 Variants
      from 8,90 €
      Harold wooden frame for photos
      6 Variants
      from 8,90 €
      show 3 more articles
      Moritz Max object frame, wood
      24 Variants
      from 15,50 €
      Moritz P wood frame for objects
      40 Variants
      from 14,90 €
      Marco frameless glass picture holder
      20 Variants
      from 2,90 €

      Picture Hangers & Accessories

      Gallery Hanging Tracks

      Use hanging tracks to professionally hang artworks and frames wherever you want. The flexible track systems can be expanded into more rooms.

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      Picture hangers

      These practical picture hangers can be used anywhere where pictures, frames or materials are to be attached directly to one area of a wall.

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      Passepartouts adapt pictures for larger frames. The acid-free mounting boards protect the framed images from the frame glass and the rear panel.

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      Picture framing & supplies

      Give free reign to your ideas. Make your own picture frames, stretch frames and passepartouts with high-quality materials and tools.

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      Discover more picture frames & accessories

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