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Molotow spray cans

The world's first graffiti can without mixing balls, variants with a Big Ball for optimal pigment distribution and limited editions: Molotow spray cans know no standstill.

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Molotow spray cans: versatile and innovative

No matter whether you are looking for paint, acrylic, primer, fixative or filler sprays - the range of the Black Forest-based brand Molotow is broad. Both the qualities and the technologies of the spray cans are adapted to the different areas of application. For this purpose, Molotow consults artists from the respective fields for the constant further development of its sprays, which are manufactured in Germany.

The product lines Action, Artist, Professional

The product lines Action, Artist, Professional

Are you looking for a Molotow spray can for graffiti, creative applications or special effects? To make your search easier, the products are divided into the Action, Artist and Professional ranges.

The Molotow spray cans of the Action series are especially designed for graffiti applications. They enable you to apply paint quickly and dynamically and also convince with a good covering power. Besides the Molotow Burner, the Coversall Color and Coversall Water-Based are also typical representatives of the Action series.

The Artist series with the classic Molotow Belton Premium is made for you if you want high-quality and durable paints as well as solid technologies.

As a fine-art artist, you will get your money's worth with the Molotow spray cans of the Professional series. Both the quality and the cans meet high standards. The sprays of the Urban Fine-Art line can not only be sprayed, but also applied with a brush or spatula.

Practical tips

If you want to fill a large area with paint in a short time, a Molotov spray can with high pressure is the right choice. With a low pressure can, the paint comes through the cap more slowly. This allows you to control your paint application more easily.

The soft-flow valve makes paint application smoother and more comfortable at a dynamic spray rate. The soft vari-valve allows you to have a variable stroke width with just one cap.

For the individual finishing touch, you can combine your Molotow spray can with a corresponding spray head and adapt it to your project. Fine, precise strokes can be achieved with a Super Skinny Cap, for example. You can fill large areas with a Fat Cap. The Molotow spray head set with four different variants offers you a first introduction to the subject.

If you have larger plans, simply add the practical handle to your Molotow spray can for fatigue-free work.

The patented technologies of Molotow spray cans

Molotow relies on patented technologies for more comfort when spraying and a convincing result. The keywords are anti-drip, no-dust, covers-all and all-season. The sprays hardly form any runners or spray mist. The high-quality pigments used from the car industry have a convincing covering power and as long as the ambient temperature is between -10 and +50 °C, you can let off steam with Molotow spray cans as you please.

Important: Wear a safety mask when spraying to protect your lungs. Wear gloves to ensure that your skin does not come into contact with the spray.

The classic - Belton Molotow Premium

The classic - Belton Molotow Premium

With the Belton Molotow Premium spray paint, the brand brought the first graffiti-optimised spray can onto the market. Its wide colour range is highly pigmented, well adhering and covering as well as fast drying. It is permanent and, with the exception of the neon shades, UV and weather resistant. You can use it both indoors and outdoors in a well-ventilated area and even for airbrushing. The cans are equipped with a Flowmaster valve. You can replace the caps.

Before use, it is necessary to shake the Belton Molotow spray can well so that settled pigments come off the bottom. An additional, extra-large mixing ball - the so-called Big Ball - ensures optimal mixing of the pigments.

The first Molotow spray can without mixing balls: Burner Chrome

The first Molotow spray can without mixing balls: Burner Chrome

An incomparable gloss level, a spray can that comes along on silent soles without mixing balls and a high spray rate that makes it easy for you to fill large areas in a short time: The Molotow Burner Chrome forms an ideal basis for expressive Silverpieces. The spray is highly opaque, fast-drying and suitable for almost all indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, permanent properties and UV resistance are only given to a limited extent.

Molotow Film Canvas - the legal graffiti wall to take home

Molotow Film Canvas - the legal graffiti wall to take home

If you want to have fun with Molotow spray cans not only everywhere, but also completely legally, the brand's Film Canvas is made for you. You can simply stretch the stretch film between two trees or slats, wrap it around various objects and start applying paint straight away.

Caution: The elasticity of the material can lead to cracks forming in your work. However, you can noticeably reduce this effect by stretching it over several layers.