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Orafol - From family business to global player

The films known under the Oracal product brand have been manufactured by the Orafol company for many decades. Not least because of the outstanding quality and functionality of Oracal products, Orafol became a global player for film of all kinds within just a few years.

As early as 1808, the Wieblitz family founded the "Wieblitz-Farbenwerkstatt", which initially produced postmark inks for the Kingdom of Prussia. It was not until about a century later that they expanded their range to include paints and varnishes. A change of location and nationalization later, the first self-adhesive graphic films were finally produced under the name Oracal in 1976.

Today, the company based in Oranienburg near Berlin is broadly positioned thanks to various business units. However, the focus is still on the production of high-quality films, innovative graphic films as well as reflective materials.

Oracal film in use: advertising, decoration and much more

Whether consciously or unconsciously - everyone has seen them. Adhesive films from Oracal can be found thousands of times in everyday life: as a warning sticker on vehicles such as fire engines or ambulances, as a reflective surface on street signs or as an advertising message on a shop window. It is hard to imagine life today without Oracal film.

Therefore, also at Modulor you will find a large selection of Oracal film for your project. Among other things, they are ideal for decorative purposes. Due to their weather-resistant properties, most films are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Oracal color palette - self-adhesive film in over 30 colors

So that you can carry out your own personal projects and decorative work with Oracal products, we offer you a large selection of self-adhesive color films from the manufacturer Orafol. Here you can choose between almost all colors of the rainbow. Besides classic colors like black, white, red, yellow, green and blue, we also have more special colors in stock. So you can also get Oracal film in noble gold, copper and silver or even in shiny neon colors.

By the way: You can also be creative when choosing the surface of your film. With us you can choose between:

Buy Oracal film as running meter or whole roll

Whether you want to buy your Oracal film by the meter or as a whole roll, we simply leave it up to you. After all, you know best what you need it for.

Environmental protection and social commitment

Although such a film from Orafol does not necessarily have the best carbon footprint, this does not mean that the company is not actively committed to preserving our environment. At its headquarters in Oranienburg near Berlin, Orafol installed regenerative incinerators whose heat is fed back into the system. According to Orafol, this creates a closed cycle of raw materials and energy resources. In addition, ecological ponds were created to compensate for the impact of production on people, animals and nature.