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Molotow Marker - Pigment-rich paint markers for maximum opacity and brilliance

The Molotow paint markers with their pigment rich and highly brilliant colors are well known and popular with designers, artists, graffiti, urban and street artists worldwide. The Molotow One4all series - made in Germany - delivers exactly what it promises: The high opacity of the colours is given on many smooth and rough surfaces. They adhere to all dust-free and dry surfaces such as metal, glass, most plastics, wood, stone, paper, cardboard and paperboard. On the non-absorbent materials, their radiance is particularly effective. Silicone and greasy surfaces are not suitable, for all other surfaces the following applies: try it out and be convinced of the wide range of possible applications!

Versatile acrylic pencils for creative work

The Molotow Marker One4all are so-called hybrid markers. The hybrid acrylic-based paint can be mixed with water or acetone. Molotow markers are per se odourless and solvent-free. The addition of acetone increases adhesion to surfaces such as leather, aluminium or smooth plastic surfaces. The use of Molotow pens together with acrylic paintsoil paints or inks is easily possible and can lead to extraordinary results. The identical colour palettes of the Molotow One4all Marker and the Molotow One4all Spray, which can also be wonderfully combined with each other, are particularly application-oriented and of great advantage.

Molotow supports and promotes creative work by offering empty markers in addition to individual markers and paint marker sets. The empty markers make it possible to mix different colours or media, to dilute them with water or acetone or to try out individual line thicknesses.

If you want to sketch larger works of art on paper with Molotow markers or are looking for a suitable block for drawing and painting, we have the right accessories for you. The Molotow One4all Sketchpad is coated and underlines the sharp edges of any marker. The paper is also excellent for alcohol-based inks, does not penetrate and is light and age resistant. Even Molotow spray paint, watercolour paint or oil cannot harm the Artpad papers.

For all those who prefer painting outdoors to painting at the desk, there is a legal and very practical alternative: the Molotow Film Canvas is a film that can be stretched between two trees, columns or against a fence. After completion of the painting, the canvas can be pulled onto a frame or nailed to wooden strips.

Sustainable and technically sophisticated paint markers

The UV and weather resistant inks of the Molotow paint markers are not only colourful and versatile. Molotov is committed to sustainable production. The tanks of all Molotow pens and markers are refillable and transparent. This makes it easy to determine which colour or colour mixture is currently in the tank and when refilling is required. If at some point the pen tip needs to be replaced, it can also be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

The pen tip itself contains a unique and patented capillary system that ensures even and permanent ink application. The included Flowmaster pump valve has a wear-free seal and a well adjusted steel spring so that paint only flows at pin pressure. With new Molotow markers or those that have not been in use for a long time, it takes a moment until the paint collects in the tip. With a few pumping attempts, some shaking (with the cap on) and a little patience you can immediately paint without blotches and puddles of paint.

Our experience has shown that the paint markers do not tend to dry out prematurely. However, should this happen, the dried pen tips can be softened with a little water or acetone and made usable again.