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Copic Multiliner

With the Copic Multiliners, Japanese precision has found its way into the pencil cases of local draughtsmen. With pen tips, the smallest of which is only 0.03 mm thick, and an ink that resists water and alcohol, you have a solid basis for detailed sketches, technical drawings, illustrations and texts.

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What makes Copic Multiliner so special?

What makes Copic Multiliner so special?

The name says it all: Copic Multiliners offer you a wide range of applications. Depending on how fine the tip you choose is or which tip shape you opt for, you can use it to make sketches, drawings, illustrations and even hand letterings. What is particularly interesting is that the acid-free and UV-resistant pigment ink of the pens is smudge-proof, waterproof and alcohol-resistant. This makes the fineliners the ideal combination partner for Copic markers. Even repeated overdrawing with the colorful pens will not cause your fineliner drawings to run. The lines remain precise and clear.

The finest line width available is just an insane 0.03 mm, half the thickness of a human hair! You can use it to depict even the smallest details cleanly and precisely. Copic Multiliners are also suitable for technical drawings and - as the pens are also available with a brush tip and a calligraphy tip - even for dynamic lines.

Interesting: If you work with drawing templates, the metal-clad tips of the Copic Multiliner score points. The edging ensures robust and stable properties.

Important: Please note that there are two Copic Multiliner versions and that not all are available with the same pen tips.

One pen, two variants

One pen, two variants

When deciding on a Copic Multiliner, you can choose between a classic and an SP version. Both versions contain the same ink. The main differences are the purchase price and the sustainability of the pen.

The classic multiliner is a disposable product with a lightweight plastic barrel. In our range, you will find it in six different line widths, with two different brush tips and two calligraphy tips.

The Copic Multiliner SP has an aluminum body. Both its ink cartridge and its tip are replaceable. This increases the service life of the fineliner and saves resources. We offer the fineliner in nine line widths between 0.03 and 0.7 mm as well as a brush version. You can also find replacement tips and ink refills in our store. The Changer is a practical tool to make it easy for you to refill your Copic Multiliner SP with them. Its small notch is used to pull out the pen tip. You can use the larger one to remove the Copic Multiliner cartridge from the barrel.

Copic can also be colorful

Are you bored of black and white? With a total of 358 shades, the Japanese company's markers offer an immense range of colors. Take a look at them!