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Copic Ciao

The Copic Ciao is the inexpensive all-rounder among Copic's layout markers. With its wide wedge tip and soft brush tip, it is versatile and suitable for coloring manga and comic drawings as well as for creating architectural and fashion sketches.

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Copic Ciao: professional quality at an entry-level price

Beginner's tool or professional tool? The Copic Ciao marker can justifiably claim to be both. Relatively inexpensive and equipped with a smaller ink tank compared to its Classic and Sketch counterparts, it invites anyone interested to explore the world of Japanese markers. The range's color spectrum includes 180 different shades, making it easy for newcomers to create smooth transitions. You can layer the colors on top of each other to make them appear more intense or to create new shades on the paper.

Good to know: The alcohol-based dye ink, which is identical for all Copic markers, is refillable. This means that your Copic Ciao marker can be used for a long time.

Tip: If you want to create individual markers, we recommend the Classic and Sketch series. They are available as blank markers, which you can use to put together pens that are individually tailored to you.

The Copic Ciao in detail

The Copic Ciao in detail

Like its big brother Sketch, the Copic Ciao also has a medium-width wedge tip and a flexible brush tip. This combination allows you to create lines, details, areas and shading. A Copic Ciao is also the perfect tool for blending two different colors. In the interests of sustainability, you can replace the tips with new ones if necessary.

The round barrel of the Copic Ciao marker contains the tank, which provides you with around 1.4 ml of ink to implement your ideas. The printed coding provides information about the respective color. Don't worry if abbreviations like R05 don't mean anything to you straight away. You can also refer to the caps of the pen, which are colored according to the ink color. If you would like to know more about the color code, please refer to our Copic page.

Practical: The pen caps of the Copic Ciao are equipped with air slots. This precautionary measure offers extra safety in case curious little explorers accidentally swallow the caps.

Copic Ciao Sets

Copic Ciao Sets

The Copic Ciao marker is not only available as an individual variant, but also as a set. Whether you choose 6, 1236 or 72 pens is entirely up to you. The sets are dedicated to different applications or color groups. If you are planning to include all 180 shades in your personal marker assortment in the long term, but don't want to buy each pen individually so as not to lose track, the 36-piece sets are ideal. If you combine all five variants, you can use the entire Copic Ciao range.

PS: The Classic and Sketch markers are also available as a set. Discover the variety of different combinations.