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Polystyrene Sheets

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Information about polystyrene sheets

Polystyrene sheets or polystyrenes are among the most important mass plastics due to their simple processing at low cost. They are known in the form of yoghurt cups, disposable cutlery or CD packaging. Polystyrene foams such as Styropor or Styrofoam - Lego bricks have also been made of ABS polystyrene since 1963.

Due to the easy processing possibilities and the low price, they are popular as model building materials with architects and designers. Due to its good printability, white and coloured polystyrene is often used for business cards, signs and displays. Polystyrene sheets are often used as supports for worktables.

The heat resistance of the very stiff and hard plastic only reaches about 70 °C. This has the advantage that polysytrol can be thermally deformed or deep-drawn at temperatures as low as 130 °C. The result is a product that is easy to process. In outdoor areas, a reduction in gloss properties and yellowing must be expected, which can be counteracted by painting.

All polystyrene semi-finished products are very easy to glue and cut. Straight or curvilinear cut plates can be produced by scribing with a cutter or a scriber knife and subsequent breaking. Good results can be achieved with material thicknesses of up to 2 mm. For thicker material, it is recommended to break along an edge to obtain a straight break line. If the cut surfaces are to be smooth, the circular saw brings better results. Solvent adhesives such as dichloromethane, Ruderer Plastic Glue  ,superglue are suitable for bonding standard polystyrene.

Our offer:
The white and black polystyrene sheets offered by us do not have a protective film. The term impact resistant for polystyrene means that it is a grade that is more impact resistant than simple polystyrene for packaging purposes.
We have polystyrene sheets in white, black and metallic coatings in our assortment and in stock. From white polystyrene we have a very large selection of thicknesses from 0.3 - 5.0 mm and up to a plate size of 1000 x 2000 mm. In other forms we also have polystyrene as foils, sheets, blocks, rods, tubes, profiles, polystyrene foam sheets and polystyrene foam in our assortment and stock.