Wood Panels

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Wooden panels for universal use in furniture construction and model making

Depending on the type of wood, surface quality and processing, our wood panels meet different requirements. The choice of the right wood panel depends primarily on the task it is to fulfil. Is the mechanical strength in the foreground and therefore must it be particularly resilient and resistant to bending? Or does it play a decorative role, where colour, grain and flexibility are of decisive importance? Our selection of MDF panels, multiplex plywood panels, blockboards and three-layer panels has both dimensionally stable and decorative properties. Whole wood sections for carving and turning and a wide range of wooden boards for detail work complete the offer.

Wooden boards for furniture, interiors and DIY projects

Mechanically stable and dense wood panels are ideal for interior finishing. As shelves, drawer elements, room dividers, storage systems, loudspeakers or for wall cladding, they create a natural and warm room atmosphere. Classic MDF boards (medium density fibreboard) and HDF boards (high density fibreboard) are simple and inexpensive fibreboards with a very high density and stability.

Less dense wood panels such as plywood consist of at least three crosswise glued wood or veneer layers. They are lighter than pressed fibreboards and are ideal for use as table tops and worktops. Our so-called multiplex panels are also popular with designers and furniture manufacturers. These wooden panels consist of at least five layers of wood. Depending on the panel thickness and the number and height of the individual layers, they are used in furniture and interior design as well as in model making.

More stable alternatives to plywood are three-layer boards and blockboards. These wooden boards are plywood panels consisting of a middle layer with parallel aligned wooden rods and two thinner top layers. Due to their large dimensional stability and good flatness, they are also used in furniture production, as floor panels, decorative beams, in the manufacture of doors or in vehicle construction.

Thin and easy-to-machine panels for model making

Most of our offered wooden boards are not only suitable for furniture and interior design, but also for all kinds of model making. With the classic, light grained birch aircraft plywood from a thickness of 0.4 millimeters, e.g. layer models, buildings, facades, ceilings and floors are built. Depending on the colour of the wood species (birch, beech, poplar, sea pine) and the thickness of the wooden plate (0.4 mm to 1.8 cm), the individual parts of models can be easily assembled and varied.

Our unique selection of wooden boards makes its very own and special contribution to the variety of model constructions: Lime, balsa, walnut, pear, abachi, mahogany and oak illustrate the colour spectrum and almost inexhaustible design possibilities of models and prototypes. The same applies to solid wood sections such as balsa squared lumber and planks made of lime, pear, cherry and many more. They can easily be used to carve and turn figures, tools, musical instruments and all kinds of prototypes.

The right tools and adhesives for your project

Depending on their density, fiberboards up to about two millimeters thick can still be processed and cut with the cutter. To remove the burr that can form, we recommend classic sandpaper. We recommend carbide-tipped tools for machining MDF boards with machining processes such as milling. They are more durable and wear much slower.

Layer wood up to a maximum thickness of one millimetre can also be cut with the cutter. However, we recommend using saws for both thinner and thicker plywood panels. Handsaws, Japanese saws, circular table saws, scroll saws and fretsaws do their job excellently and lead to clean results. Solid wood and plank sections that are used for carvings or notched ornaments can be shaped with carving knives and chisels.

Adhesives and glue can be used to join wooden boards together. The choice of adhesive varies depending on the mechanical strength of the joint. For stapling, instant glue or eagle owl hard is sufficient, for firm gluing we recommend classic wood glue. Balsa boards and rods can even be temporarily attached to each other with pins.

All wooden boards can be lacquered as desired and in some cases stained. MDF boards can also be coated after priming. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for all woodworking projects.

Wood panels cut to size - our service for you!

You can have almost all wood panels cut to size according to your own wishes. The cutting of wooden boards can be carried out either without residual acceptance or including acceptance of the entire wooden board. You can find information on the minimum cutting dimensions of wooden panels, prices and immediate cutting in the Modulor shop on the product page of the respective wooden panel and on the page of the cutting service.