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MDF boards

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Bending-resistant MDF boards in various colours for interior fittings

MDF boards are medium density fibreboards which are produced by pressing a poured fibre cake. The relatively light colour of the fibre cake is due to the debarked coniferous woods used. An almost one metre high fibre cake covered with glue is turned into a 16 mm thick MDF board. The square metre of a 16 mm thick MDF board with primer film weighs about 11.6 kg, and that of a 19 mm thick board about 13.8 kg.

The bending strength of MDF panels is almost twice as high as that of simple chipboard panels. Due to its density and stability, the comparatively simple, inexpensive and heavy MDF wood is ideally suited for the construction of furniture and interior fittings. Whether as a partition wall, wall cladding, for the construction of side tables, shelves, drawer elements, storage systems, loudspeaker boxes or as a stable rear wall of picture frames: MDF boards perform both protective and stabilising functions.

But that's not all: in addition to brown MDF wood, our black and white MDF panels create a wonderfully versatile additional range of colours. The white MDF board is classic brown MDF wood with a silk matt white primed surface. The black MDF board, on the other hand, is dyed black through. If it is clearly lacquered, its tone becomes darker and looks particularly elegant as furniture without losing its typical wood characteristics. In addition, all MDF boards can be primed and varnished as desired to create colour variations.

Versatile shapes with bendable MDF panels

A special type of MDF board is our flexible MDF form. The eight millimetre thick MDF board has grooves on one side to provide the desired flexibility. It forms a flexible and aesthetically interesting MDF wood for furniture, shop or exhibition construction and for the production of rounded bodies and presentation objects. In general, the grooved sides of two MDF panels are glued together to produce curved shapes, resulting in flat and smooth outer sides. But also the conscious visibility of the grooved side can be artistically valuable and can be used in model making for great effects and surfaces. Polystyrene and acrylic glass panels can be inserted into the grooves of an MDF form for a quick and modular arrangement system on shelves or worktables.

Building models with MDF

With our medium density fibreboards not only furniture and interiors can be built. In model making, whole models or at least parts of them can be built or clad with thin, thick, brown, white, black and deformable MDF boards. Especially our thin MDF boards from one millimeter thickness are very often used in model making, because they can be easily lasered and separated with a cutter. The resulting burr on the edge can easily be sanded away with sandpaper.

The right tools for processing MDF boards

MDF is processed with the usual machines and tools suitable for solid wood. In addition to wood and metal drillscircular table saws and scroll saws are also suitable for processing. MDF boards can also be easily milled. Due to the high density of the boards, we recommend the use of less wearing, carbide-tipped tools for all machining processes.

MDF made to measure - We cut MDF panels to size for you

With the exception of thin MDF wood, we offer all MDF boards in cut to size. You tell us your desired size and we will manufacture your MDF board to measure. You can find out exactly how our cutting works, which minimum cutting dimensions are provided and how immediate cutting is carried out in the Modulor shop on the cutting service page.