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Three-Ply Sheets

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Information about three-layer panels

Multi-layer panels consist of planed solid wood lamellas that are bonded to one another in such a way that the joints are impervious. They are classified within the categories of wood sheet and wooden materials as being solid wood panels. A bonding system based on melamine resins is used.

Multi-layer panels usually consist of three or five layers of coniferous (soft) woods and deciduous (hard) woods. On higher quality multi-layer panels (like ours!), the solid wood lamellas making up the outer layers run the entire length of the panel while some of the lamellas in the middle layers can be butt-jointed lengthwise. The grain directions of both outer layers run parallel to one another; the middle layer(s) are turned 90 degrees for the bonding process and this accounts for the fact that the panels are able to maintain their excellent stability and flatness.