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Plywood Sheets (Multiplex)

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Information about multiplex plywood panels

These film-faced birch plywood boards have an identical type of transparent film coating on both sides and are particularly suitable for decorative uses but, it should be noted, they are also very durable boards with very similar (but not identical) attributes across the collection. Their surfaces can be coated with either phenolic or melamine resin and, in addition, there are differences among the glues used.

The film-faced boards with the colours white, light blue and grey have, in fact, identical attributes: both board sides have been treated with a translucent, water-based lacquer that is then overlaid with a transparent melamine resin film. This gives to the surface a hard, durable and smooth quality and, incidentally, produces the advantage that the boards are extremely easy to clean.

The individual wood layers are glued together in compliance with European norms for interior and exterior areas – for this reason they can be labelled as weather resistant but, realistically speaking, they should still not be exposed to inclement weather for long periods of time. In addition, the boards are absolutely odour and taste neutral and easily conform to all established norms regarding formaldehyde and other harmful substances like wood preservatives, halogens and pesticides. This makes them completely safe for use in interiors populated by animals or people. They can even, as per European norm EN 71-3, be used in the making of toys.

Beyond that, the decorative qualities of these birch plywood boards must also be highlighted. There are many colours to choose from – transparent colours, that is, through which the grain of the wood shows through beautifully just like the way you are used to seeing it on furniture at a Scandinavian country house. The board can also be used a variety of ways in furniture making: as a table or workbench, for sturdy boxes that also have a great appearance, for shelves or as panelling in living spaces or likewise for shop fitting and trade show constructions. Plywood that is 18 millimetres thick and additionally overlaid with melamine is extremely sturdy and can also be used for large areas. One last point about processing: when doing sawing work please note that the saw edges can, under certain circumstances, cause a tear on the underside of the board (conchoidal fracture) and if this occurs you should hand sand the affected area so as to stop the break from continuing through the coating.