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Meetings are best held at a conference table. Therefore, configure your new conference table yourself in just a few steps and create a stylish piece that completely meets your expectations. 

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Huge selection: Which is your new conference table?

Your taste decides: Should it be a light-footed conference table with a filigree look or would you rather have a straightforward meeting table that focuses on the essentials? Whether striking in blue, orange or green or classic in black or white: you have the choice and can easily select all options in the configurator. Almost all table frames and table tops can be combined so that you can design your conference table yourself.

How many people should sit at your conference table?

One of the most important questions for your new conference table is the number of seats. Depending on how many people are attending a meeting, different table frames are best suited.

Meeting table for up to 12 participants

For meetings with 8, 10 or 12 persons we recommend the table M and E2. The universal M table frame presents itself linear and puristic. Its minimalist look is unobtrusive and efficient. The surrounding frames and table legs at the corners make the M table one of the most versatile meeting tables.

Meeting table for up to 20 participants

Larger meetings with 14 or 16 people are best held on a Y table frame. It is both robust and filigree. Its centrally positioned steel table frame holds even large tabletops effortlessly. The diagonal table legs made of steel or solid wood give the Y table its unmistakable lightness.

Do you need an even bigger conference table? Feel free to have a look around our workbench or just send us a short message and we will try to realize a customized meeting table for up to 20 people.

Find the right dimensions

How big should the tabletop be? As a rough guide, take about 60 centimetres wide per seat and include the ends of your conference table. Don't feel like calculating? No problem! We've already done that.

Besprechungstisch in verschiedenen Farben

Conference table in white

Calm ambience, timeless look and modern design: a conference table in white looks fresh and can be stylishly combined with office furniture in other colours. With accents you can turn a pure white conference table into an eye-catcher. For example, design the edge of your conference table in multiplex birch wood to set the tabletop elegantly in scene.

Conference table in black

conference table in black immediately attracts all eyes. As a contrast in light rooms, it radiates seriousness and looks classically elegant. Keep your conference table either completely monochrome or create a subtle change by adding anthracite-coloured accents. 

Round or square? The most popular conference table shapes

Round conference table for the small discussion group

If you often have small group conversations, a round conference table is an excellent choice. With a tabletop diameter of 120 cm, the Y7 table and Y8 table, for example, offer enough space for productive meetings. They are already available in ready-made configurations, so you can easily buy these conference tables online.

Rectangular conference table for many participants

You can easily configure rectangular conference tables yourself. Whether 180 x 90 cm or 240 x 180 cm: Choose the right table frame for you and adapt it to your ideas. Enter your desired dimensions and then design the tabletop for your conference table.

Useful accessories for your conference table

Equip your meeting table with practical accessories and adapt it optimally to your requirements. For example, order a cable duct for the cable of your conference phone or stow the presentation computer conveniently in a matching PC holder under the table. The Powerbar USB, which can be easily attached to the table, provides fresh energy at any time. So there's always plenty of room for laptops, tablets and smartphones to connect to your conference table.