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A desk for children should of course fit the size of the child when it is purchased, but it can also be furniture for a lifetime: If the children's desk can become a desk for young people and can also be used by adults later on. There are two prerequisites for this. The children's desk must be able to grow with the growing child and it must be pleasing for years to come. The first prerequisite can be measured objectively, the second is for everyone to decide for themselves. Discover our range!

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Children's desk E2

The classic E2 table - known as the Eiermann table - is also available as a children's desk. In terms of construction and materiality, the E2 children's desk does not differ from the larger model. Slender steel tubes, braced with the off-centre strut cross, support the tabletop. With the help of extension rods, you can adjust the height of the table in five stages between 52 cm and 72 cm (plus the thickness of the top). This means that children from a height of about 1.10 m to about 1.85 m can sit comfortably at the table. So in most cases, the table fits from school enrolment to university. A further increase of an additional 7.5 cm would be possible with castors for E2 desks, which can be inserted into the desk frame at the bottom instead of the foot plugs. The desk is large enough for two children to sit next to each other.
Our E2 children's desk set includes a 25 mm thick melamine tabletop in the format 68 cm x 120 cm. Suction cups are also part of the set. With the suction cups, the tabletop, which would otherwise just lie on top, is fixed in such a way that it is secured against accidentally slipping off. At the same time, the suction cups leave no damage to the underside of the table so that the top can be turned over if necessary. You may want to keep one nice side of the table for writing on, while the other side is free to experiment with colours and adhesives.
If you would like to tilt the tabletop, you can use the mounting set for tilted tabletops to connect the tabletop and frame so that you can tilt the tabletop using height adjusters that are pulled out to different heights. Please note that the hinged fixings for the inclined tabletop must be screwed into the underside of the tabletop. This means that the underside of the top will be damaged.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Design classic
  • Non-slip table top
  • Table top can be tilted (accessories required)
  • Can be used for up to two children
  • Table top can be used on both sides (reversible)
  • Can be rolled if required (accessories required)

Children's desk M

The M2 children's desk may look like the simplest desk imaginable, but it has a valuable detail that makes it a long-lasting companion. With the help of extensions on the table legs, which can be pulled out of the table legs in five stages, the height of the desk for children can be adjusted. This unobtrusive feature is what makes it so valuable, because it means that the desk can be adjusted to table heights between 52 cm and 76 cm and can therefore also be used later by teenagers and adults.

You can order the M2 children's desk with a matching melamine tabletop in a set from us. The top in this set measures 68 cm x 120 cm and overhangs the table frame by only a few millimetres. The M2 children's desk can be used from all sides. If necessary, and if there is enough space around the table, four children can sit at it.

  • Height adjustable
  • simple design, very good value
  • Table top firmly screwed to the frame
  • stable, robust and resilient
  • can be used for up to four children
  • timeless, versatile

Children's desks and desk tops in many colours

White children's desk

white children's desk is friendly and fits into many environments. And thanks to the wipe-clean surfaces, it also stays nice and white.

Children's desk pink

Pink was the boys' colour until less than a hundred years ago! However: a pink tabletop harmonises beautifully with an E2 children's desk in white.

Children's desk blue

It is the sky in good weather, the sea at the place of longing as well, and perhaps also the top on your white children's desk M2: blue.

Children's desk green

A green piece of furniture is rather unusual. But green is not grass green alone. Discover our green table tops and combine them with a black children's desk E2!

desk for teenagers

As described above, a desk for young people can be a child's desk that has grown - i.e. that has been adjusted in height. But if you don't have a children's desk yet, you can think about it differently. In this case, it is a good idea to look at the large desks. The lowest version of these desks is often suitable for adolescents. If they are also height-adjustable, they are the perfect equipment for teenagers. In our range, either an E2 table or an electrically height-adjustable T table are available for a youth desk. With the lowest E2 table, the tabletop rests on the frame at a height of 66 cm. With the top, the working height is about 68 cm. A young person with a height of 1.60 m or more usually sits ergonomically correct at this table. The same applies to our electrically height-adjustable T Table Premium: in the lowest setting, the top of the table is even only about 65 cm high.

Craft table and painting table

If the child still goes to nursery or kindergarten, it is not too early for a children's desk. A children's desk is also very useful for handicrafts, painting or drawing. The surface of the melamine tabletop is robust and easy to clean. This makes it the perfect base for a child's creative work.

Children's desk for school beginners

The most common reason to think about buying a child's desk is certainly starting primary school. At this point, parents not only want to provide the prospective schoolchild with the best possible equipment so that he or she has everything he or she needs: a desk of the right height and size at which he or she will enjoy sitting and doing his or her tasks and practising for a long time. In the best case, a new desk conveys the importance of this point and appreciation: My enrolment is so important that I get my own nice desk! Thus, the change in external circumstances goes hand in hand with a change in the children's room.

Children's desk height adjustable

In our view, the be-all and end-all of a children's desk is its height adjustability. As the child grows, the height-adjustable children's desk is adjusted. Otherwise, the furniture would have to be replaced as often as the winter jacket over the years.

Children's desks and chairs

Due to the smaller body size, a child naturally also needs an appropriate chair. Anyone who makes the step to a child's desk should therefore also provide a suitable child's chair. The rule of thumb for the right seat height is the right angle at the knee or between the thigh and calf when sitting. This applies to both children and adults. And if the right angle is not perfect, it is better to have a slightly larger angle than one that is too small. This means: it is better to buy a chair that is a little too high than one that is too low. Of course, a height-adjustable chair is best.

Accessories for the children's desk

If the child is to be able to sit at its desk, it needs a chair. For working after sunset, it needs a desk lamp. And if it is to keep the desk tidy, a mobile container under or next to the child's desk could help reduce recurring discussions. And conducive to the development of handwriting is a learn-to-write pad.