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      • Melamine tabletop
        11 Variants
        Melamine tabletop
        from 70,00 €
        Material: Core is chipboard, Coating: white laminate (paper impregnated with melamine resin), Surface: semi-matte or orange-peel finish, Edge band (overlapping): 2 mm thick, real beechwood or ABS edge band
      • Melamine tabletop custom cutting
        7 Variants
        Melamine tabletop custom cutting
        from 90,00 €
        Surface: semi-matte (smooth) or orange-peel finish (rough), Coating: both sides coated with laminate (melamine resin impregnated paper as basis)), Tabletop core: certified chipboard
      • Linoleum tabletop custom cutting
        22 Variants
        Linoleum tabletop custom cutting
        from 245,00 €
        Core is laminboard (spruce) with particle board decking on both sides (3 mm), top side laminated with coloured linoleum (2 mm), back side is coated with counteracting paper (stabilizing layer), various edge bands...
      • Edge bands for melamine tabletops
        13 Variants
        Edge bands for melamine tabletops
        from 15,00 €
      • Edge band for linoleum tabletops
        12 Variants
        Edge band for linoleum tabletops
        from 10,00 €
      • Cable outlet service for linoleum tabletop
        6 Variants
        Cable outlet service for linoleum tabletop
        from 17,90 €
        service for linoleum tabletops, round holes milled including various linings and cover to serve as cable outlets: see „Information” text
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