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With us you get high-quality and robust table tops for your dining room, your kitchen or your study. Celebrate, think, write down or work: You can do all this on our table tops. You can choose between colourful linoleum table tops and solid melamine table tops.

Our colour samples will help you choose the colour of your table top.

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Linoleum Table Top

✔ Natural material
✔ Sophisticated
✔ Colorful and variational
✔ Feels comfortable

Subtle or bold. With a slanted edge or rounded corners. There are no limits to the design of linoleum table tops. The use of high-quality, natural materials has its price. But you can see and feel its value.

Melamine Table Top

✔ Classic Worktop
✔ Affordable
✔ Robust
✔ Certified

Our melamine table tops are a proven standard and impress with their resistant, melamine resin-coated surface in the colours white, black, various grey tones and as wood and concrete decor variants. A sturdy all-rounder, for an excellent price, that will last a long time.

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Desk top

Dining table top

Perfect for indoor use: Buy our cut-to-size table top online

Each tabletop in our range is perfect for indoor use. You can also buy each tabletop cut to size online, so you can customise it to your individual needs, budgets and space.

This is quite practical, because you can buy table tops online, which for example have very different formats, but the same colour. In this way you can create a uniform overall picture with table tops of different sizes and functions. The reverse is also true, of course: In an especially large room, tabletops of different colours can provide variety and divide the open-plan office, the shop area or the living area thematically and spatially.

Desk top made to measure for your work area

What makes a good desk top? This primarily depends on the activities and tasks you perform at your desk. In the best case, your everyday work is reflected in the texture and materiality of your desk top.

Because every tabletop in our range is suitable as a desk top, the choice is not easy at first. But don't despair. Due to the variety, the chances are good that the properties of a tabletop variant will almost perfectly match your work and your life.

The linoleum tabletop as a desk top

If you write, sketch or draw mainly on paper at your desk, a comparatively hard surface is sometimes disturbing and hinders the flow of writing. In this case we recommend a linoleum tabletop. The haptically very pleasant linoleum gives way and is therefore an excellent writing surface. In addition, the natural and above all light colours of the linoleum tabletop make the workspace appear friendly.

The melamine tabletop as a desk top

If you are working and your desk top needs to withstand a lot of wear and tear, a melamine table top is the perfect choice. Its surface is extremely resistant and scratch-resistant. With the melamine desk top you decide on a solid and inexpensive all-rounder. Available in the colours black, white, various grey shades as well as wood or concrete decor variants, it matches almost any interior design and is a timeless and often reusable piece of office furniture.

Dining table top made to measure for your living area

Not only can you work hard at our table tops, but you can also relax with a good meal. No matter whether your tabletop is the centre of a convivial round, a presentable piece of furniture for the presentation of flowers or goods or a versatile favourite in your own studio. So that you don't have to search long for the right tabletop for your dining and living area, we have compiled relevant information on the individual variants for you.

The linoleum tabletop as dining tabletop

Our linoleum tabletop is an excellent choice as the centre of daily meals. The material inhibits the growth of bacteria and even oils and fats cannot harm it. Because linoleum is also heat resistant up to 70 °C for a short time, you can easily place a hot coffee cup on the tabletop. Soothing additional information: The material can be classified in fire protection class C-fl, so it is difficult to normally flammable.

The melamine tabletop as dining table top

The melamine table top is characterized by its solid and robust material processing. At this inexpensive tabletop you can not only eat and entertain yourself. You can do great homework and other work, stack building blocks and play parlour games. Good to know: After an eventful day you can wipe the tabletop with a damp cloth and ordinary cleaning agents (but please avoid scratching sponges or the like).