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      Table Tops

      Linoleum Table Top

      ✔ Natural material
      ✔ Sophisticated
      ✔ Colorful and variational
      ✔ Feels comfortable

      Subtle or bold. With a slanted edge or rounded corners. There are no limits to the design of linoleum table tops. The use of high-quality, natural materials has its price. But you can see and feel its value.

      Linoleum Table Top
      Melamine Table Top

      ✔ Classic Worktop
      ✔ Affordable
      ✔ Robust
      ✔ Certified

      Our melamine table tops are a proven standard and are convincing thanks to their durable, melamine-resin coated surface in white, black or gray. A sturdy all-rounder, for an excellent price, that will last a long time.

      Melamine Table Top

      Linoleum tabletops

      Melamine tabletops

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