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Round table top

Declare your table a round thing. Our table tops offer you numerous options. Whether natural linoleum or robust HPL: elegant, colourful and discreet variants await you in our range

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Why a round table top?

Round furniture creates a harmonious and balanced effect. A table with a round table top makes a room look more open and creates a successful contrast to rectangular shelves, cabinets and sideboards. At the same time, in combination with matching chairs, it creates an intimate atmosphere: here, everyone taking a seat meets on an equal footing and at eye level. With a round table top, no one sits at the end or in an awkward corner. Everyone can look directly at each other and react to each other. This promotes a communicative exchange. It's not just families that benefit from this when they get together at the dining table. In the office, too, a conference table with a round table top can stimulate lively discussions from which joint ideas emerge. Standing tables at parties, weddings and official receptions prove time and again that the whole thing also works without chairs.

Bumping into things is not!

A round table top is not only a master in terms of communication. Another great advantage is clearly that it does not have corners and edges. This automatically prevents bruises. A practical plus when children live in your household or are visiting.

How big should a round table top be?

The most important question in connection with the size of a round table top is of course: How many people do you want to gather at your table? If you're not planning on a high table that's mainly used for setting down glasses, you can roughly orient yourself in both a professional and private context to the fact that a space width of about 60 to 70 cm per person provides sufficient comfort.

The following table can serve as a rough guide for the diameter of a round table top.

Number of people Diameter of round table top in cm
2 persons 60
3 persons 80
4 persons 90-110
6 persons 125-150
8 persons 160
Would you rather do the calculations yourself?

Would you rather do the calculations yourself?

Since you can configure round round table tops individually with us, there is of course nothing to stop you from making your own calculations. Just think about how many people are to sit at your table and how much space each person needs. The product of these values is the respective table top circumference, from which you can derive the diameter of the round table top. The required formulas are:

  • Number of people × width of space = circumference of table top
  • Diameter = circumference ÷ π

Example: If you are looking for a round table top for 6 people with a seat width of 70 cm per person, the following calculations result :

  • 6 x 70 cm = 420 cm
  • 420 cm÷ π ≈ 134 cm

table top with a diameter of 134 cm therefore corresponds approximately to your size requirements.

Practical tip: Look at round table tops and tables in different sizes at friends' houses to get a feel for the different dimensions.

How much space does a table with a round table top need?

How much space does a table with a round table top need?

Whether dining or working area: a table with a round table top likes to stand in the centre to unfold its full effect. Consequently, it takes up a little more space than its square relatives. To ensure that everyone can sit down and get up again in a relaxed manner, it is important to provide enough space to manoeuvre the chairs. A distance of about 80 to 100 cm from walls, furniture and indoor plants is a good idea. If you also want to be able to walk behind the people sitting down in order to serve food, refill drinks or leave the room, you can easily add a few centimetres.

The material: What should your round table top be made of?

Are you looking for a table top for an elegant conference table or should the design withstand the demands of everyday family life? By deciding on a particular material, you have the opportunity to tailor the table top to its intended use.

Linoleum table top round

Linoleum table top round

✔ High-quality material with pleasant feel
✔ 3 optional board cores
✔ With edging or sanded edge
✔ In straight or bevelled design
✔ Diameter 70-180 cm (bar and MDF board) or 150 cm multiplex core

Linoleum consists of the natural raw materials linseed oil, jute, wood and limestone flour. It offers you a matt surface with a pleasantly warm feel. In addition, linoleum is antistatic and insensitive to fingerprints. This makes it easy for you to clean and maintain your round table top.

Thanks to a certain elasticity that linoleum brings with it, the material is ideal as a base for writing and drawing work.

HPL table top round

HPL table top round

✔ Hard-wearing
✔ 2 optional table top cores
✔ With polished edge
✔ Available with classic or bevelled edge
✔ Diameter 50-120 cm

HPL has a hard-wearing, durable and easy-care surface. Regardless of whether the table top is round or square, it consists of cellulose fibre sheets that are impregnated with phenolic resin and covered with a colour-giving, melamine resin-impregnated top layer.
Pressed together with a multiplex or MDF board and CPL (continuous pressure laminate) as a backing, the material is transformed into a versatile table top.

Table top: round and colourful, classically covered or completely natural?

Table top: round and colourful, classically covered or completely natural?

Do you prefer a table top that is round and white, bright orange or pastel pink? Then you are on the safe side with our linoleum and HPL versions. They are available in classic as well as colourful and subtle nuances.

If your table top can also be square, you will find another option in our shop: our robust melamine table tops.

Extra tip: If you want to equip your office or dining room with a table top that is not only round but also appears filigree, we recommend you go for a bevelled edge. The underside of the table top has a 25° bevel. This gives the robust panel an almost floating appearance. This design, also known as Swiss edge or bevelled edge, is available as round table tops with board cores made of multiplex birch or Valchromat MDF.

Table top, round and individual looking for ... a stylish base

Table top, round and individual looking for ... a stylish base

With a round linoleum or HPL top, you already have a good basis for creating a table according to your ideas. Combine it with a matching frame and your project is complete.

Discover our colourful S series. Together with a round table top, the single-column frame not only scores as a classic bistro table, but also impresses as a side or high table, depending on the option chosen. The height-adjustable version equipped with a gas pressure spring provides a special degree of flexibility.

Our Y table offers you the option of combining a round table top with legs made of powder-coated steel or solid wood. You can choose between round and half-round versions or round and square ones. The Y table is also available as a sitting and standing version.

Was a round table top not what you were looking for after all? You can transform our frames from the ME2 and T series into individual dining, work and desk tables in combination with square table tops.

Our service: Get individual advice!

Come and see us! You are welcome to make an appointment with us for an individual furniture consultation in the shop. In the showroom of our shop at Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the various materials and surfaces as well as numerous pieces of furniture are waiting to be discovered by you.

If you are not in the city, that's no problem either. Simply choose a date and time and we will contact you by phone to answer your questions.