Whether small or large: buy dining table made easy

To buy your ideal dining table, you first need to think about a few basic things: How many people sit at your dining table every day and do you often have friends or family over? How much space do you have in your home and what style or color do you want the dining table to be?

Whether your dining table will be small or large, you decide. For the right dining table dimensions you should measure the future room / location well. To get a better feel for the dimensions, you can also lay out your desired measurement with newspaper on the floor. This helps to make the dining table size more tangible.

Once the requirements for the dining table are clear, you can get started. Whether in our online store or directly in our store in Berlin.

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For each dining table size the right table frame

You have taken your dining table measurements and know which dining table size fits in your kitchen or dining room? Then you only have to decide on a suitable frame. Our Y and M series are very stable and robust, the table top rests on a frame. Both are firmly screwed together, so that everything is secure. The E2 frame can also be screwed together with the help of the plate reinforcers and offers additional stability. There are so many options - now you just have to decide.

The versatile Y dining table

The Y table frame is characterized by its understated design. The table legs are offset to the center of the table, so it almost seems as if the table top is floating. A particularly airy impression makes even large dining tables look light. So that your new dining table can also be integrated visually well into your home, you can choose between different table legs and colors.

The universal M dining table: 8 people

Your dining table for small kitchens is perfect to implement with the M series. Because the table legs are straight at the outer corners, this dining table is space-saving and still offers enough seating comfort. If you want your dining table to be large and offer a lot of space, this is also no problem. Tables up to 200 cm long can be put together with the M series.

  • Standard frame color: metallic gray and white
  • Minimum size square: 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Maximum size: 200 cm x 200 cm
  • Metal frame is available in over 10 special colors
  • Castors for flexible change of location

The classic E2 dining table: 6 people

With its delicate shape, the E2 table frame, also known as the Eiermann table, provides an elegant and light look. Whether your dining table is in the living room or in the kitchen, the E2 frame adapts well to any environment. With the cross brace chosen in the middle, everyone has enough legroom and can sit relaxed. For table tops of 160 cm or more, we recommend plate reinforcements for your dining table. These give additional stability and can be screwed to the tabletop if necessary.

  • Frame colors: black, white, chrome, colorless, silver-gray, metallic-gray
  • Minimum size: 110 cm x 70 cm
  • Maximum size: 220 cm x 100 cm
  • Plate reinforcements for additional stability
  • Castors for flexible relocation

Your new dining table. White as a trend color for the Scandinavian look

You are enthusiastic about the "Hygge" style and want a dining table in Scandinavian look? Then we recommend our Y table frame. The combination with the real wood legs brings coziness and warmth into your home. Combined with a sturdy melamine tabletop in white with real wood lipping, your dining table is truly Scandinavian.

As if from a single mold: your dining table in black - modern and elegant

The little black one among the dining tables: Modern, elegant and an absolute eye-catcher. Our Y table frame with the black ash table legs is a very stable and noble base for your high-quality black linoleum table top with anthracite-colored MDF core. With this monochromatic look, your dining table (black) will make the colors on it pop. Whether it's colored dishes, flowers or table runners, every piece is the center of attention here.

Your dining table made to measure: find your right size

To find the right dining table size for your home, you need to be clear about the use and number of people. To find the ideal dining table dimensions for your room, simply calculate 60 cm in width and 40 cm in depth for one person. If you want to give more space to the people or place more on your table, simply add 20 cm in width. This way you can easily find the right size for your large dining room table as well as your dining table for small rooms.

Your dining table: small but mighty

You don't have that much space for your dining table? Small spaces are no obstacle to a cozy and practical dining area. Feel free in the design of your dining table. Space-saving and an ideal dining table for the small kitchen is our M table frame series. It is ideal for smaller formats and is freely configurable.

Examples for your dining table dimensions: Space-saving for small kitchens

Your dining table: Large and comfortable

Do you like to invite guests and want plenty of space for everyone at your dining table? Size and the right dimensions are important factors here, so that all people can sit relaxed. So that you can freely design the size of your dining table in the living room, our Y table frame is the right base for your table top. With this system, tables up to 320 cm long can be built and all guests can sit together relaxed, because the table legs are slightly indented. Ideal for larger dining tables. Large and comfortable, the whole family can come together.

Examples of your dining table dimensions (10 people): Large - for the living room

Dining table top for your desk

Your dining table top should also be used as a desk or your desk should also be used as a dining table? No problem at all! With us you will find both:

Dining table accessories

Here you will find the right companions for your new table.

The universal: M rack bench

You rather sit on a bench than on a chair? Then simply configure your suitable size with our M frame series. With a frame height of 430 mm you can build great benches. The length and width you determine yourself, according to your personal taste.

The nostalgic: Comeback 041

Especially for a small dining table, the tubular steel chair Comeback 041 is suitable due to its simple and functional design. This makes your dining group look airy and light. It is stackable and thus always ready for spontaneous larger rounds. Here, too, we offer you a choice of different colors for your individual look.

As a color accent: Felt seat cover

The perfect complement to our tubular steel chairs is the felt seat cover. Not only is it a great color accent for your dining table set, it is also very comfortable and warming as it is made of 100% wool felt. For the complete look, we offer matching smaller table coasters to complement it.

Stable and colorful: Z Shelf

So that in your new dining room also everything finds its place, our Z shelf is the ideal companion. Whether as a room divider, classic on the wall or around the corner, the Z shelf is multifunctional in its use. And for the perfect look, you can choose from over ten colors.