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      Some variants of our tables are made individually at your request. The delivery time is then several weeks. Is that too long for you? Then let us only show you our variants that can be delivered quickly. Choose one of our popular colors and a standard size and the table will be with you within 3-4 days.


      The dimensions here refer to the table top. With the M table, this protrudes about 5 mm on all sides of the frame. For orientation: We generally recommend 160 x 80 cm as the minimum size of a work table. The following rule of thumb applies to dining or conference tables: one person needs around 60 cm of space. However, this is tightly measured. So take a little more space into account.
        You can choose between a table height of approximately 45 cm (side table or stoohl/bench), about 75 cm (table at seat height) and about 95 cm (bar table).


        Linoleum - natural, high quality, durable

        With the natural material linoleum, you are choosing a particularly high-quality table surface with a beautiful feel. You have the choice between 21 colors, 3 board cores, and countless edge bands. Beveled edges, cable outlet, or rounded corners? The following applies to our diverse linoleum table tops: (Almost) nothing is impossible.

        Melamine - robust, classic, inexpensive

        With melamine, you are choosing a particularly resistant and durable table top surface. The neutral appearance and robust properties make it a classic standard worktop. With a top price-performance ratio!


          Smooth versus pearled: optically and haptically, the difference between the two surface types is only very small. The finely pearled version, however, is somewhat more resistant to signs of use than the silk mat. Our decors have a slightly pearled structure.



          Real wood

          Plastic (ABS)

          Top thickness

          Because the table frames run along the edges below the table top, the M table is very stable. So you can confidently use the 19 mm plate if you want to give your table a filigree look. Even with large-format tables, the table top does not sag.

          Surface area


          Edge veneer (Core: blockboard)

          Polished edge (Multiplex Birch / MDF)

          Cable passage

          Longitudinal position cm
          Transverse position cm

          160 x 80 cm, height 75 cm

          180 x 90 cm, height 75 cm

          200 x 90 cm, height 75 cm


            Paint finish

            You can choose from a total of 15 color variants. Because we have frames made for you in special colors individually and to order, we implement a small surcharge here.

            Standard colors

            Special colors

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            If you need to be quick

            For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of tables that are immediately available. These M series classics are with you in one to three days.

            Send configuration

            Design your M table, save, and send your draft to your email. Finalize it whenever you want.

            We are here for you

            If you have any questions about specific configurations or materials, please feel free to contact us via our live chat.

            Table top
            Table frame

            Maximum dimensions

            Melamine table top with edge veneer
            200 cm x 140 cm

            Linoleum table top with edge veneer
            200 cm x 140 cm

            Linoleum table top with ground Multiplex Birch core
            200 cm x 120 cm

            Linoleum table top with ground MDF core
            200 cm x 140 cm


            Overhang table frame

            The table top protrudes approximately 5 mm on all sides


            Melamine table top with edge veneer
            19 mm or 25 mm

            Linoleum table top with edge veneer
            30 mm

            Linoleum table top with ground Multiplex Birch core
            20 mm oder 26 mm

            Linoleum table top with ground MDF core
            21 mm


            Surface of melamine tops

            We guarantee at least one defect-free A-side for melamine tops. Slight impairments in the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out and are not grounds for complaint. Before you mount the board on the table frame, select the preferred board side.

            Configure your M table

            When a table in our furniture range is reduced to the essentials and is also versatile (even as a bench!), then this is undoubtedly the M table. The efficient and sensible design is expressed in the clear, straight lines of the table frame and the slender table legs. Make this timeless, universal table your creation, and let yourself be surprised by unusual table formats (as well as bench and stool formats).

            Affordable universal table

            Clear design language and many different sizes and colors make the M table to a universal usable piece of furniture.

            Table or seating furniture

            You aren't limited to just standing next to or sitting at an M table. With the many formats, you can also design a small stool or elongated bench seats.

            Simple and efficient

            That went fast. The minimalist shape is noticeable in the fast assembly and dismantling, as well as in space-saving storage.

            Wide range of table and seating formats

            Because of its minimalist design, the M table fits into any room. Whether small or large, and square, rectangular, or with an unusual aspect ratio. As clear and straightforward as the M table is, the configurations you can create are as varied. With a bit of courage, you can finally configure a narrow table for books, pictures, and flowers, a colored plant stand for the studio, or a bar stool for the kitchen (but without footrest). And all this is splendidly easy to assemble and extremely space-saving when put into storage.

            Reliable material and generous choice of colors

            Quite simple and quite effective. The M table frame consists of four slender table legs, four surrounding table frames, and the corresponding corner connectors, which are simply assembled and screwed together. The table top mounted on it protrudes approximately 5 mm on all sides. The table frames are made of thick-walled steel profiles with a resistant powder coating in metallic grey or white. The more than ten silk-matt special colors are ideal for experimenting with color and form. In combination with a colored linoleum table top, you can configure colorful M tables and stools.

            Learn more:
            Colourful Linoleum table tops
            Solid Melamine table tops

            Load-bearing table frame

            The M table frames run along the edges below the table top and determine the width and length of the table. They touch and support all four sides of the table top and ensure that the M table with a surface load of approximately 120 kg is very resilient. Even large-scale table tops do not warp or bend. For a subtle and particularly fine appearance, you can also combine thinner table tops with the M table frames without any problems. We recommend a top thickness of at least 18 mm.

            For particularly stable table top materials (e.g., HPL) or very small tables, the value can fall below 18 mm. The Dual Lock Press seal, for example, is suitable for fastening thin table tops such as HPL.

            Compensate for uneven floors with adjustable feet on all four table legs. They have a thread length of approximately 20 mm.

            3 table heights

            We offer the M table in a total of 3 different heights. The lowest table is ca. 45 cm high. This height is not only suitable for small side tables and plant stools, but also for stools and benches. The 75 cm height is the standard height for tables at seat height and is suitable for kitchen tables, work tables, conference tables, and much more. Together with M stools and benches, you can easily configure complete M table sets. With the highest table of 95 cm height, high work tables or standing tables can be created. Adventurous people can even design bar stools (but without footrests). The table heights are approximate dimensions depending on the thickness of the table top. The pure table frame heights are 43 cm, 73 cm and 93 cm.

            The M table for children and young adults

            The M Series offers a growing table for children and teenagers. With a table top size of 68 x 120 cm, and pure table frame height with five positions ranging from 50 to 74 cm, the table can be perfectly adapted to the height of children and young adults.

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