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      Some variants of our tables are made individually at your request. The delivery time is then several weeks. Is that too long for you? Then let us only show you our variants that can be delivered quickly. Choose one of our popular colors and a standard size and the table will be with you within 3-4 days.


      The dimensions here refer to the table top. For orientation: We generally recommend 160 x 80 cm as the minimum size of a work table. The following rule of thumb applies to dining or conference tables: one person needs around 60 cm of space. However, this is tightly measured. So take a little more space into account.
        Length cm
        Width cm


        Linoleum - natural, high quality, durable

        With the natural material linoleum, you are choosing a particularly high-quality table surface with a beautiful feel. You have the choice between 21 colors, 3 board cores, and countless edge bands. Beveled edges, cable outlet, or rounded corners? The following applies to our diverse linoleum table tops: (Almost) nothing is impossible.

        Melamine - robust, classic, inexpensive

        With melamine, you are choosing a particularly resistant and durable table top surface. The neutral appearance and robust properties make it a classic standard worktop. With a top price-performance ratio!

        HPL — resistant, easy to care for, and extramatt

        With HPL, you choose our most durable table surface. The laminate coating, pressed under high pressure, is considered to be almost indestructible. HPL table tops come with a matt finish and optionally with beveled edges and rounded corners.

          Surface area

          For technical production reasons, we guarantee at least one faultless A-side of the table tops in the cut to size. Slight impairments of the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out. This is no reason for a complaint.



          Real wood

          Plastic (ABS)

          Surface area


          Edge veneer (Core: blockboard)

          Polished edge (Multiplex Birch / MDF)

          Surface area

          Polished edge


          The standard corner radius of our table tops is 3 mm. With our linoleum table tops with a sanded edge, you can also choose more rounded corners with a 25 mm or 50 mm radius - for a less solid, soft, and contemporary appearance. The two larger radii are particularly popular in combination with a beveled panel edge.

          Cable passage

          Longitudinal position cm
          The distance between the edge of the table top and the cable passage must be at least 13 cm. Measurements are always taken from the centre of the hole.
          Transverse position cm

          120 x 68 cm

          138 x 68 cm

          160 x 80 cm

          180 x 90 cm

          200 x 90 cm



            Standard work tables are between 74 and 76 cm high. You achieve this with the 72 cm high frame, combined with the corresponding table top. However, this standard size applies to a height of 1.70 m to 1.80 m and is also dependent on the body proportions and the height of the chair. We recommend the E2 frame with a height of 66 cm for smaller people.

            Tip: The distance from the lower edge of the table top to the seat should be between approx. 29 cm. For a good sitting position you have to be able to cross your legs without touching the plate.


            Height adjuster

            In order to tailor the E2 table exactly to you, you can add height adjusters to the frame. So you get a table that not only ensures an ergonomic sitting posture, but is also flexible. It is also possible to tilt the table top - one reason why the E2 is also extremely popular as a drawing table.

            Cross struts

            If you want to place the table on the wall and only want to use it from one side, we recommend staggered cross braces. If you want the table to stand freely in the room and to be able to sit on it from all sides, we recommend the variant with centrally placed cross braces.

            Cross struts

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            For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of tables that are immediately available. These E2 series classics are with you in one to three days.

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            Table top
            Table frame

            Maximum dimensions

            240 cm x 120 cm



            Melamine table top with edge veneer
            19 mm or 25 mm

            Linoleum table top with edge veneer
            30 mm

            Linoleum table top with ground Multiplex Birch core
            20 mm or 26 mm

            Linoleum table top with ground MDF core
            21 mm


            Corner radius

            Table top with edge veneer
            3 mm

            Linoleum table top with polished edge
            3 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm

            Overhang table frame

            How many centimetres the table top protrudes on all sides depends on the size of the table frame. The overhang can be derived from the following sizes:

            110 cm – 149 cm table top length = 100 cm cross brace length
            150 cm – 240 cm table top length = 135 cm cross brace length

            70 cm – 79 cm table top width = 60 cm side frame length
            80 cm – 89 cm table top width = 70 cm side frame length
            90 cm – 120 cm table top width = 78 cm side frame length


            Surface of melamine tops

            We guarantee at least one defect-free A-side for melamine tops. Slight impairments in the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out and are not grounds for complaint. Before you mount the board on the table frame, select the preferred board side.

            Configurate your E2 table

            Over time, the E2 has become the standard table for architects, artists, and designers. A simple, but well thought-out steel pipe construction with a table top that pretty much sits loose, a stable and long-lasting work table hen as well as now. With matching accessories, cable and PCs can be mounted with ease, the table height variable changed, or a drawing table created with an angled table top.

            Affordable Classic

            The E2 design comes from Adam Wieland and is derived from the original design by Egon Eiermann in 1953.

            Table made of steel pipes

            The timeless steel pipe construction with a distinctive cross strut is a rugged lightweight. Quick assembly and disassembly.

            Ergonomic sitting position

            With the height adjusters, the E2 table adjusts very easily to a perfect seating or even standing height.

            Also as a drawing table

            E2 with a diagonal table top? Using the height adjusters, you can transform the E2 into a drawing table.

            A table made of steel pipes

            The table frame of the E2 series is made of 21.3 mm thick steel pipes. An E2 table frame consists of two side sections and the characteristic cross strut common in this series. Both are screwed together at only four points. Therefore, the table can be put together and taken apart quickly, as well as stored easily. The functional and well thought-out design of the steel pipes ensures stability and, at the same time, a very lightweight table.

            With the exception of the chrome versions, the steel pipe frame is powder-coated. The chrome-plated frame is more expensive to make because the steel pipes are immersed in an electrolytic bath during galvanic processing.

            The matching table top for the E2 table

            The table frame of the E2 series can be combined with a high-quality, natural linoleum or solid melamine table top. If you choose a linoleum table op, you have, among other things, the choice between a straight or tapered edge, as well as rounded corners. There are no limits to the number of configurations, and you can create charming E2 tables, for example, from a table top with a natural real wood edge and raw-looking, colorless E2 table frame design.

            To ensure thinner tops don't begin to droop when longer than about 150 cm, we recommend using table top supporter designed for this purpose. This applies, in particular, to our thin melamine table top, the thin linoleum tabletop with a multiplex birch core, and the linoleum tabletop with an MDF core.

            Cross strut positioning

            The steel pipe construction of the table tops for the E2 table can reliably support a weight of about 50 kg. Generally, is the table top is loosely fitted using the push plugs at the end of the side sections. If you want to make sure the table top on the frame, you can use what is called a top support.

            The E2 table can also be used as a conference or dining table. What makes this possible is the positioning of the prominent cross strut. If you're looking for a group table for meetings or the breakroom, we recommend a centrally positioned cross strut. In the classical use of the E2 from one side - i.e., a work top or desk - we recommend a cross strut that is positioned closer to one side. This provides more legroom.

            Good to know: The position of the cross strut cannot be changed. Each side section is the only part with holes for one of the two positions.

            Height adjustment and ergonomic seats

            We offer the E2 table in two heights (approx. 69 cm and 75 cm). The standard frame height is 66 cm or 72 cm. The low original frame height stems from a time when the E2 was used as a drawing table with an angled table top. The height allows you to reach the rear section of the table top better. It's also suitable for smaller people and an ergonomic seating posture.

            Here's how it works: Create an E2 table with an angled table top.

            With height adjusters, you can not only have tapering but also straight, ergonomic tables. Depending on the body size, choose the appropriate starting level for your purpose, and let it grow to the appropriate height growth with long or short height adjusters (simply add in the configurator). Large work desks or tables with a height of approx. 98 cm can be built with the initial height of 75 cm and long height adjusters.

            Short Height Adjusters
            –  2.6 cm to 8.8 cm increase in the table
            –  Height adjustment in 2 cm steps (4 holes 2 cm apart)

            Long Height Adjusters
            – 4.6 cm to 22.8 cm increase in the table
            – Height adjustment in 4 cm steps (5 holes 4 cm apart)

            The E2 table for children and young adults

            A table that grows with kids. The E2 series offers a practical table for children and young adults, using height adjusters to adjust the size of the body. Starting at 55 cm, the height adjusters the table frame to a height of up to 72 cm.

            Mounting instruction of the E2 table frame

            Useful accessories

            A peek under the table top: How big is the E2 table base frame?

            Regardless of the table height, we offer the cross strut of the E2 table frame in two lengths and the side sections in three lengths.

            If you decide on a table top with a length up to and including 149 cm, the matching table frame has a length of 100 cm. In the case of a table top length between 150 cm and 240 cm, the table frame is 135 cm long. Depending on the specific length of the table top, the distance between the frame and the edge will vary.

            The choice of table top width is reflected in the size of the side sections of the frame. If you decide on a table top with a width up to and including 79 cm, the matching sides are 60 cm long. In the case of a table top width between 80 cm and 89 cm, the side sections have a length of 70 cm. Table tops with a width between 90 cm and 120 cm are combined with 78 cm sides. Also here –  similar to the length of the table – is the distance between the frame and the edge sometimes more, sometimes less.

            Already have a table top? How to configure the appropriate table frame

            If you have an E2 for an already existing table frame, the following information will help you configure the correct dimensions.

            In order to get the table frame with the desired dimensions, you can store a dimension in the configurator that corresponds to your preferred frame size. For example, if you want to order a 135 cm long and 70 cm wide table frame, select a measurement between 150 - 240 cm in length and 80 - 89 cm in width in the configurator. Then you'll only have to click "No" under "Top," and the E2 table frame is configured.

            Cross strut
            100 cm frame length = 110 cm to 149 cm table top length
            135 cm frame length = 150 cm to 240 cm table top length

            60 cm frame width = 70 cm to 79 cm table top width
            70 cm frame width = 80 cm to 89 cm table top width
            78 cm frame width = 90 cm to 120 cm table top width

            E2 table with an angled table top

            If you want to build an E2 drawing table with a slanted table top, there are two possibilities.

            Angled position without fixation
            The first option is to place the front edge of your table top on the horizontal struts of the two side sections. This way, there is already a 2-degree inclination. The rear section of the table top lies loosely on height adjusters. They can be used to achieve an inclination of up to 19 degrees.

            Inclined position with fixation
            If you do not want to place the table top on the sides of the table, but wish to fix it to the table frame, you will need mountings for angled tops. The two rear mountings are screwed to the table top and, at the same time, plugged into the two rear height adjusters (remove the plug beforehand). The front part of the table top can lie loosely on the side sections and/or height adjusters.

            Good to know: The inclined position with fixation can only be used with inclined table top mountings. It is not possible to screw the table top with reinforcing top holders, because they do not adapt to the angles.

            * Valid for shipping within Germany. Learn more about our delivery conditions.