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Get the perfect E2 tabletop for your E2 table

Robust melamine surface or pleasant linoleum: you will also find your matching E2 table top for every E2 table frame. Due to its unobtrusive design, the E2 table frame is suitable for a wide range of table tops. We offer various versions both in terms of the surface and the structure. You also have a wide choice of formats in our range. Common formats such as 160 x 80 cm or 180 x 90 cm are available from stock. You can also order your desired size for your individual E2 tabletop with the help of our configurator.

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Linoleum or melamine? Choose the right E2 table top

The melamine tabletop as E2 tabletop

The melamine tabletop as E2 tabletop

The melamine table top is a plastic-coated wood fibre board with a surrounding lipping of wood or plastic. The wood fibre board in the core is a certified pollutant-free chipboard. The plastic coating of the surface is the eponymous part of this E2 tabletop, because it consists of the thermoset melamine resin. Certainly, many people know melamine as tableware or counters. It was and is used for this because of the properties that also distinguish it as a surface for E2 table tops. It is hard and therefore quite scratch resistant, moisture and light resistant and electrically insulating.

In addition to these properties, melamine table tops are very inexpensive to buy because of the structure described above. As they are also durable, they are an economically sensible choice as an E2 tabletop without restriction.

With our melamine table tops you can choose from two thicknesses (19 mm and 25 mm). As E2 table top we recommend the stronger version (25 mm), because E2 table frames do not have supporting frames, but the table top only rests on the four legs. If the thinner top is to be used as an E2 table top, we recommend installing table top supporters from a top length of 150 cm to prevent the top from sagging.

Next, you can choose from the colours white, black and various shades of grey as well as wood-look decors. And you also have the choice of surface finish: smooth or pearled. A pearled E2 table top is even more resistant to signs of wear than a smooth one. First and foremost, however, the two surface types differ from each other visually and haptically.

Good to know: Melamine table tops have two identical usable sides, so they can be turned over if necessary. However, we only guarantee a flawless surface for one side.

The linoleum tabletop as E2 tabletop

The linoleum tabletop as E2 tabletop

Linoleum is the material with the warm feel and the many beautiful colours in our table top assortment. In addition to the 21 colours, there are the numerous shapes that you can have made with your individual
E2 tabletop
Different corner radii and edge shapes are possible. You can also choose from three different table top cores. In total, over 1,000 variants of linoleum table tops are possible in this way, which you can order from us. And, of course, everything according to your personal specifications.

Linoleum consists of natural raw materials such as linseed oil, jute, wood and limestone flour. It forms a pleasant table surface on which you can write and draw wonderfully.

With us you can choose from three plate materials, which we offer with linoleum surface: A rod board with edging, a multiplex board and an MDF board (medium density fibreboard). The last two types show their materiality at the edge, so they do not have a covering edging.

Because the MDF and multiplex boards have open edges, you can choose how the edges should look for both types of board: In addition to the classic straight (i.e. vertical) edge, we also offer an inclined edge, which is worked at an angle of 25° (seen from the horizontal). Due to the quite flat angle, an E2 table top with this edge appears much thinner.

Important: The linoleum surface also covers the entire top of the table including the edge of the edge up to the outermost edge of the table when using rod tops (with edge banding). The linoleum is therefore not edged by the edge band. Because the linoleum is glued to the edging and remains visible from the side, it is also called a single edging instead of a edging. The linoleum has a small bevel at all edges.

Choose the colour for your E2 tabletop

Black E2 table tops

Black E2 table tops

black E2 tabletop looks elegant and is available as a melamine tabletop exclusively with the pearled surface from us. Compared to the black surface, our mostly lighter real wood edgings stand out quite clearly and thus create a framed impression. Only with a black ABS edging an E2 table top looks "like from one block". Linoleum table tops are available in black but also in anthracite and other dark colours. Here the choice of colours is much more differentiated.

White E2 table tops

White E2 table tops

A white table top lies on most E2 table racks. It is the classic melamine tabletop with a pearled surface. A large bright surface is friendly in the room and creates a good working atmosphere. We offer linoleum table tops in the light colours cream and light grey. We do not have a brilliant white in the colour selection of the linoleum table tops.

More colours for your E2 table

More colours for your E2 table

A large selection of 21 different colours is available for the linoleum table tops.
The possibilities for melamine table tops are much clearer. The colours white, grey and black are available as well as wood-look decors.

How to make your E2 tabletop really functional

Cable duct for E2 table tops

Cable duct for E2 table tops

No more tangled cables on the legs despite power supply units, monitor and LAN connection in place.

Desk drawer for E2 table tops

Desk drawer for E2 table tops

What's the mess on your desk? Quickly stow everything underneath! Even the laptop has room.

Plate amplifier for E2 table tops

Plate amplifier for E2 table tops

Highly recommended for heavy table loads or very thin table tops.


You can simply wipe up dust, crumbs and loose dirt with a dry cloth. Please wipe up spilled drinks, food, etc. with a soft cloth as soon as possible! If necessary, you can use a dishwashing detergent solution to get rid of stubborn dirt. Stubborn stains are best removed with a special cleaning agent, such as Harell cleaning agent for linoleum. Please never use lyes, disinfectants or solvents such as acetone or petrol! These will irreversibly destroy the linoleum surface. For basic care, we recommend applying linseed oil products developed for linoleum to the material with a cloth and wiping it quickly. Basically, however, linoleum is quickly over-maintained: Oily products can clog it and leave shiny spots.

The melamine surface of your E2 tabletop does not require any basic maintenance. In case of soiling, you can clean the surface with gentle cleaning agents such as washing-up liquid. Despite the quite resistant surface, please do not use any scouring agents or scratching abrasive sponges!

Melamine table tops can be used from both sides, because both sides have the same surface. However, only one side is guaranteed to be flawless, so there is only one A-side.

Linoleum tabletops can only be used from one side. They are not coated with linoleum on the back, but with a brown-purple paper. In addition, the contact surfaces in the linoleum would show as pressure marks if the tabletop were to lie with the linoleum side on the E2 table frame.

There are two ways to tilt an E2 tabletop out of the horizontal so that the table surface is at an angle in front of you:

a) With the first option, you place the front edge of your E2 tabletop on the horizontal struts of the two side pieces. In this way, a slope of 2 degrees is already created. The rear part of the tabletop rests loosely on height adjusters. They can be used to achieve a tilt of up to 19 degrees.


b) If you do not want to rest the E2 tabletop on the side pieces but fix it to the table frame, you will need fixings for inclined tabletops. The two rear fixings are screwed to the E2 table top and at the same time inserted into the two rear height adjusters (remove plugs beforehand). The front part of the tabletop can rest loosely on the side parts or height adjusters.


For different types of tops, we give different recommendations as to the length from which they should be supported with top reinforcements when used on E2 table frames:

- Melamine table tops with a material thickness of 19 mm from a top length of 150 cm

- Linoleum tops with a core of MDF (Valchromat) from a top length of 150 cm

- Linoleum tops with multiplex core, material thickness 20 mm, from a tabletop length of 150 cm.

- All other table tops in our range can be used without a table top booster.

Geschichte des E2 Tischs

Where did the design of the E2 table come from and who thought it up? What is an egg man table? And why are there different suppliers today? Here we answer all the questions about the history of the E2 table. This includes the development of the design, the producer of the table frames and the trademark rights to the term Eiermann. We also tell you how and when Modulor got involved with the E2 table.

Have fun reading!

Teil 4: Die Markenrechte am Begriff Eiermann

Even though the E2 table frame comes from the successor metal workshop to the university workshop from Egon Eiermann's time and a design (E2) of the original welded table frame by Egon Eiermann that was further developed by the then workshop manager Adam Wieland is ultimately produced there, it should not be called the Eiermann frame.

Why? After Richard Lampert discovered that the original Eiermann table was a welded design, he registered the trademark "Eiermann" for the product category furniture. And now all legal possibilities are being exhausted to restrict or prohibit the use of the name Eiermann in connection with table frames by competitors and their distribution partners. We are also affected by this. For example, in 2011 we had to withdraw from circulation a not inconsiderable part of our last printed catalogue of 1,400 pages, which provided information about our entire range. In the meantime, we no longer have a printed catalogue, but our table frames are now described on the internet. And so we continue to be confronted with warnings and lawsuits on this subject, even though we now advertise the table frame as "table frame E2 - known as an egg man table". We think that the table frame has a direct reference to Egon Eiermann and do not want to let this fall under the table. This remains a difficult and costly undertaking. The last trial before the Higher Regional Court (Kammergericht Berlin) ended in defeat for Richard Lampert, but an appeal was immediately lodged with the Federal Court of Justice against the non-admission of an appeal that came with the judgement. To be continued ...

... but one thing at least is certain: Adam Wieland GmbH will continue to be based in Egon-Eiermann-Allee.

Addendum: On 28 November 2019, the Federal Supreme Court dismissed Richard Lampert's appeal against the non-admission of an appeal. The judgement of the Kammergericht Berlin is thus legally binding. We may therefore - now confirmed by the highest court - continue to describe our E2 tables as "known as an egg table".