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We have developed our range of desks for different needs and rooms. And you get all our desks with the tabletop according to your specifications: In your desired colour, with your desired dimensions and with the equipment that suits you. Use our configurators, have prices displayed immediately and order your ideal desk!

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Our desks at a glance

It's okay to think a little more about the purchase of a desk, because on some days we spend a third of our time at it. Every user has personal working methods and, as a result, individual ideas about their ideal workplace. In addition, every working environment looks different. To make it easier for you to decide on your perfect desk, we have summarised our desk models and their advantages here.

T Desk - height adjustable

  • Stay healthy and mobile and work more effectively
  • Three different frame types in white or black (two of them also in silver grey)
  • With or without the possibility of storing desk heights

Today, an electrically height-adjustable desk is the standard for new office workstations. The arguments for a height-adjustable desk are quite weighty: alternating between sitting and standing is healthier for the skeleton, muscles and circulation than permanent sitting. And concentration and well-being also increase - and so does effectiveness at work. You can get our height-adjustable desks in combination with any of our tops and thus have a variety of options for designing your individual desk.

E2 Desk - known as Eiermann table

  • Design classic: Known as the Eiermann Table
  • Minimised steel construction - high load capacity
  • Multifunctional: desk, conference table, dining table, ...

The E2 table is widely known as Eiermann table. The resilient, slender tubular steel construction with the distinctive strut cross can be used in many ways. The table frame can not only serve as a desk, it can equally well be used for conference tables, for workshops, in studios or for dining tables. A multifunctional table with a self-confidently elegant and at the same time restrained serving shape. A classic of design that, even in the age of digital working, continues to prove its usability in daily use thousands of times over.

M Desk - simple and practical

  • The archetype of a table: four legs and a top
  • Strong material (steel), solidly finished
  • In many colours and sizes

Your desk should simply be a table? Four legs with frames and a top on top? Our M-series desks are made of square steel tubes and have no top protrusions, so the table legs are directly under the corners and the frames run under the edges of the top. We offer the M-frame in different heights. You can even choose a height so low that you can configure benches with the components of the M-series. Simple, stable and affordable - and always suitable.

Y Desk - ingenious design

  • With invisible frame
  • Elegant, timeless design
  • Also available with round tabletop

In our strongly orthogonal world, free angles create tension by breaking the surrounding vertical-horizontal order. They have an oblique effect in the literal sense of the word. With our table frame Y, the legs are at an angle and you are not only free to choose the colour and size. You can also choose the angle of the table legs (for round steel legs) and the material of the table legs. You can choose between ash wood, oak wood or steel (round or square in cross-section). As a result, you can design a rather unique desk using the diverse selection options. In purely mathematical terms, over 150 million variants are possible.

White desk - friendly and bright

The first choice for desks - at least in our experience - is a white surface. On the one hand, a desk with a white tabletop looks neat and tidy, and on the other hand, it contributes to a bright impression of the room. With our desks, the table frame can also be white in addition to the tabletop. A white table frame is always a bit more eye-catching than a black table frame and attracts attention. If your desk is going to be surrounded by Scandinavian design, an E2 desk with a veneer top is a wonderful match. Or you can choose our "Scandinavian desk", a combination of wooden legs with a white top from our Y series.

Desk black - elegant and timeless

Not everyone has a black tabletop. Since black actually only means that incident light radiation is almost completely absorbed and hardly any light is reflected, a black surface is always particularly striking in an otherwise bright environment. It irritates our visual expectation because no light emanates from it. A desk gets more weight with a black table top. A black table frame, on the other hand, looks elegant and takes a back seat in our perception. But black can also be rough and elemental. If you are looking for a simple desk in industrial design, a black M table is an excellent choice.

Desk grey - wonderfully combinable

Grey is the colour of the purists. Neutral, easy to combine, harmonising, balancing and calming are just a few of the qualities that characterise the restrained shade. Discover our grey desk modules: Melamine or HPL table tops in elegant platinum grey, linoleum table tops in soft light grey, clear lacquered steel frames, etc.

Desk green - we can also do coloured

Green is generally perceived as a pleasant colour, because green stands for life and nature. For office furniture, a green colour scheme is rather unusual, but that is precisely why we are pointing it out here: With us, you can also get coloured office furniture beyond the standard. And green doesn't have to be grass green, for example, you can also find pastel green or white green as colour shades for your desk frame. Take advantage of the many options for designing your personal desk and configure a modern desk in green!

Coloured desks - Pure variety

Colour perception is always individual. There is no right or wrong - only ordinary or extraordinary! If you are interested in special colours for your desk that are beyond the usual spectrum, take a look at our colour selection for table tops and frames. You can create thousands of colour combinations of table frame and top to configure and order your individual coloured desk.

Height-adjustable desk - healthy and comfortable

In a predominantly sedentary society, it is becoming more and more important to think about where we can interrupt or avoid sitting. The best place to start is where we sit the most: at work. In the long run, sitting is neither good for our bodies nor for our work results. We get sick and tired from sitting. That's why electric height-adjustable desks are now being recommended everywhere. You can get them from us. Configure your electric height-adjustable desk!

Children's desk - develops with

The child grows. Our children's tables grow with them. Both our E2 children's table and our M series children's table are manually adjustable in height. This means that the work surface can always be adapted to the needs of the growing child. In the end, even up to adult level. In this way, the children's desk can become a lifelong companion, which would also be welcome from a sustainability point of view. A desk for life!

Configure your desk - according to your wishes

No two work situations are alike. That's why no desk is suitable for all work situations. With us, you can decide for yourself what your desk will look like and you will immediately receive a picture of it with the corresponding price and estimated delivery time. Choose materials, colours, size and equipment when configuring your desk and save or send your favourite configuration. This way you can show it to your friends, relatives or colleagues.

Our configurators

In our configurators, you can always specify the tabletop first. Specify which type of tabletop you would like (melamine or linoleum) and which format your desk surface should have. Further down, you specify what the table frame under the top should look like. At the end, don't forget to order accessories such as a desk lamp, a desk amplifier, a desk chair or a desk container separately. Such accessories are not part of the configurator.

Please note the delivery times that are displayed during configuration. You can use a button at the top at the beginning of the configuration to display desks that can be with you within a few days. To do this, set the first switch function to "Show only quickly available versions". The variants that can then be selected are frequently ordered sizes and colours that we always have in stock as standards. Individually manufactured desks usually have a delivery time of four to six weeks.

Desks in large and small

Desk small

Don't need much space or don't have much space? No matter why: we have the right small desk for you. A desk workstation should perhaps take up the recommended 10 m² (including circulation areas) in your planning. Especially in times of digitalisation, however, much smaller dimensions are often sufficient.

Desk large

Do you work with large formats and should your work be allowed to stay in place when you are working on something else? Do you like to confer with colleagues at your desk? Then your desk should have a generous format. Allow yourself the space! True luxury is space and time.

The top for your desk - our large selection

If you would like to order a desk from us, you can choose from our wide range of linoleum, HPL or melamine table tops. Different materials, different edges or lipping and different colours are available. And of course, all our desktops can be made to your individual specifications. This takes a little time. Please allow approximately 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. If you need it quickly, you can also choose from standard formats that we always have in stock. In our configurators, the option "Show only quickly available versions" can be switched on and off at the top. The delivery of a quick-delivery variant usually takes only three days.

Linoleum tabletop - pleasant and beautiful

Linoleum is an extremely suitable material for table tops. The natural components jute, wood and limestone flour as well as linseed oil (named and oxidised: linoxin) create an antibacterial, durable material with a very pleasant surface. The coloured linoleum is applied to a carrier board, the materiality of which you determine yourself when configuring your desk. There are three different board materials to choose from: bar board, MDF board or multiplex board. You also decide how the corners and edges of the top are to be formed. Glued or sanded, straight or slanted, with a 3 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm radius - what do you have in mind?

Melamine tabletop - cheap and tough

Robust and resistant as it is, a melamine tabletop makes your desk a long-lasting master of everyday life. The unbeatable price-performance ratio is another convincing reason for choosing this solid classic. Choose your favourite from numerous colour shades and combine the top with a wooden or plastic lipping. In addition to standard sizes, which we always have in stock and can therefore be delivered quickly, you can have the matching melamine tabletop made to your exact centimetre. Our configurator gives you the opportunity to create the tabletop of your choice.

HPL table top - robust and versatile

HPL table tops are hard-wearing jack-of-all-trades. Regardless of whether their surface is pressed with an MDF or multiplex core, their strong coating masters numerous challenges with ease. Coffee cups knocked over? No problem. Metal tools for the realisation of your ideas? Bring them on. You can let off steam to your heart's content on an HPL tabletop. There are numerous colours to choose from so that the various designs also appeal to you visually. The option of providing your tabletop with straight or angled edges adds variety to the game.

Desk accessories to make it a workplace

For the most part, you can't work at just a desk. From a work chair to a desk lamp and a pedestal to a cable duct, you will find many accessories that turn your desk into a completely furnished workplace.