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      Fabrics & sewing supplies at Modulor in Berlin

      The Modulor store at Moritzplatz in Berlin offers a special selection of exceptional materials such as wool felt, cuff and linen fabrics, denim and kimono fabrics, burlap, natural cork fabric (sewable) or DekoMolton drapery fabric. You can also find extraordinary textiles such as truck tarps, spinnaker (sail), oilcloth, reflective and screen printing fabrics, as well as the stitchable SnapPap papers with a leather look.

      With our small but fine range of materials, you can make not only clothing and accessories but also equip theater and film sets and events, make awnings, cover furniture and much more. The textile assortment is completed with the necessary supplies.

      Modulor Store at Moritzplatz
      Prinzenstr. 85
      10969 Berlin

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