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  • TPE rubber bands
    137 Variants
    TPE rubber bands
    from 2,40 €
    coloured TPE S, very stretchable, material thickness (unstretched) is about 0.8 mm, given dimensions: flattened length x width
  • Bast weave fabric
    Bast weave fabric
    from 8,20 €
    100% bast fibres, natural colours
  • Läufer rubber X-bands
    3 Variants
    Läufer rubber X-bands
    from 0,25 €
    coloured natural rubber, expandable, for "packing" rectangular or round objects
  • Chenille wire (pipe-cleaner), coloured
    12 Variants
    Chenille wire (pipe-cleaner), coloured
    from 1,75 €
    plush covered wire, bent in half, comes in PE bag
  • Painted wire, metallic, unstraightened
    28 Variants
    Painted wire, metallic, unstraightened
    from 3,00 €
    round, soft, with copper core, nickle-free, glossy paint, wrapped around a spool
  • Gutenberg sealing wax
    5 Variants
    Gutenberg sealing wax
    from 3,40 €
    l = 130 mm, contains colophonium, hazard warning: Xi caustic
  • Balloons, opaque
    21 Variants
    Balloons, opaque
    from 3,90 €
    round balloon made of natural rubber, given dimensions: approx. diameter, circumference: maximum 900 mm, surface: glossy, can be filled with gas, comes in reclosable plastic bag
  • Giant balloon, opaque
    7 Variants
    Giant balloon, opaque
    from 8,90 €
    natural rubber, given dimensions: ca. diameter, Circumference: maximum 2,500 mm, surface: semi-gloss, can be filled with gas, includes 2 clamps, packed in reclosable plasctic bag
  • Paper Poetry paper straw
    6 Variants
    Paper Poetry paper straw
    from 3,50 €
    paper, striped with white and one colour, l 0 195 mm, diameter is 6 mm, food safe, environmentally friendly
  • Brass wire, unstraightened
    3 Variants
    Brass wire, unstraightened
    from 1,90 €
    round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Paper wrapped wire
    4 Variants
    Paper wrapped wire
    from 3,90 €
    round, steel wire ((ø 0.4 mm wrapped in paper, wound on wooden rod (unstraightened)
  • Wooden game pieces, coloured
    2 Variants
    Wooden game pieces, coloured
    from 3,40 €
    made from European woods, glossy paint: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet ((free of heavy metals, sweat and saliva resistant, the paints conform to the German Food and Commodities Law – see Information),...
  • Flower wire, unstraightened
    3 Variants
    Flower wire, unstraightened
    from 1,30 €
    round, wrapped around a spool
  • Steel winding wire
    3 Variants
    Steel winding wire
    from 1,20 €
    round, wrapped around a wooden rod
  • Soft feathers
    14 Variants
    Soft feathers
    from 0,95 €
    turkey and marabou feathers (colour dyed) or also guinea fowl feathers (undyed), soft, puffy
  • Wooden shashlik skewers
    3 Variants
    Wooden shashlik skewers
    from 0,60 €
    beech, ø 3 mm, l = 200 mm, for making large trees in architecture model making
  • Silver wire, unstraightened
    3 Variants
    Silver wire, unstraightened
    from 1,90 €
    silver plated copper, round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Copper wire, unstraightened
    2 Variants
    Copper wire, unstraightened
    from 1,90 €
    round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Läufer rubberband ball, Rondella
    Läufer rubberband ball, Rondella
    from 3,90 €
    ball with ø approx. 80 mm made out of 200 rubber bands in red, yellow, green, blue and white; natural rubber, expandable, given dimensions: flat length x width
  • 3L photo corners
    2 Variants
    3L photo corners
    from 2,50 €
    triangular (base is app. 20 mm, sides ca. 14 mm) with protruding pocket for insertion purposes (overlap is 8/11 mm), embossed (4 different patterns), made of matte paper (black photo corners), made...
  • Alco rubber sealing rings
    2 Variants
    Alco rubber sealing rings
    from 2,00 €
    yellow-brown natural rubber, stretchable, with hook band and grip piece, reusable, cold-resistant at refrigerator temperatures, dimensions = width x thickness
  • Rubber rings, sorted colours and sizes
    Rubber rings, sorted colours and sizes
    from 1,15 €
    natural rubber, expandable, various sizes and colours in a pack
  • Aluminium wire, coloured, unstraightened
    10 Variants
    Aluminium wire, coloured, unstraightened
    from 2,90 €
    round, soft, semi-gloss paint, formed into a ring
  • Aluminium wire, bare, unstraightened
    Aluminium wire, bare, unstraightened
    from 11,90 €
    round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Pompons
    12 Variants
    from 1,70 €
    100% synthetic fibre, wash by hand
  • Stamped cardboard pieces, embossed, angels/wings
    7 Variants
    Stamped cardboard pieces, embossed, angels/wings
    from 1,20 €
    white cardboard, one side (1) or two sides (2) covered with aluminium foil, embossed, information given is the approximate size of the individual pieces and the number of pieces per sheet
  • Natural raffia, coloured
    13 Variants
    Natural raffia, coloured
    from 1,70 €
    made from raffia palm leaves, approx. 1 m long pieces, irregular widths, solid colour
  • Decorative paper wool
    6 Variants
    Decorative paper wool
    from 1,60 €
    100% waste paper, coloured, shredded, width is 1.50 mm
  • Läufer rubber X-bands in a box
    4 Variants
    Läufer rubber X-bands in a box
    from 3,50 €
    coloured natural rubber, expandable, for "packing" rectangular or round objects
  • Herma transparol photo corners
    2 Variants
    Herma transparol photo corners
    from 2,80 €
    self-adhesive, white paper (20 mm corner edge length), with overlapping transparent pockets (10 mm corner edge length), solvent and aced free
  • Standard cable ties
    10 Variants
    Standard cable ties
    from 1,75 €
    Polyamide (PA) 6.6, inner teeth, not removable, temperature resistant from -40 °C to +80 °C (short term up to 160 °C), good resistance against organic solvents, oils and grease; self-extinguishing per UL94 V2...
  • Wiggle eyes, self-adhesive
    3 Variants
    Wiggle eyes, self-adhesive
    from 2,00 €
  • Cork for handicrafts
    Cork for handicrafts
    from 3,60 €
    Size: assorted, l = 40 - 50 mm, ø 22 -30 mm, Amount: 100 g, 15-18 pieces, Colour: natural, Attributes: environmentally safe, food safe, lightweight
  • Adhesive wiggle eyes
    2 Variants
    Adhesive wiggle eyes
    from 1,00 €
  • Rubber bands
    3 Variants
    Rubber bands
    from 1,00 €
    red natural rubber, expandable
  • Handicrafting woods, popsicle sticks
    8 Variants
    Handicrafting woods, popsicle sticks
    from 1,50 €
    Product description: wooden sticks or model making and handicrafts, Material: wood, natural birch/solid colour, Colour: natural or mixed colours, Form: flat or round
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