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  • Painted wire, metallic, unstraightened
    28 Variants
    Painted wire, metallic, unstraightened
    from 3,00 €
    round, soft, with copper core, nickle-free, glossy paint, wrapped around a spool
  • Chenille wire (pipe-cleaner), coloured
    12 Variants
    Chenille wire (pipe-cleaner), coloured
    from 1,75 €
    plush covered wire, bent in half, comes in PE bag
  • Brass wire, unstraightened
    3 Variants
    Brass wire, unstraightened
    from 1,90 €
    round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Flower wire, unstraightened
    3 Variants
    Flower wire, unstraightened
    from 1,30 €
    round, wrapped around a spool
  • Silver wire, unstraightened
    3 Variants
    Silver wire, unstraightened
    from 1,90 €
    silver plated copper, round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Copper wire, unstraightened
    2 Variants
    Copper wire, unstraightened
    from 1,90 €
    round, soft, formed into a ring
  • Paper wrapped wire
    4 Variants
    Paper wrapped wire
    from 3,90 €
    round, steel wire ((ø 0.4 mm wrapped in paper, wound on wooden rod (unstraightened)
  • Steel winding wire
    3 Variants
    Steel winding wire
    from 1,20 €
    round, wrapped around a wooden rod
  • Aluminium wire, coloured, unstraightened
    10 Variants
    Aluminium wire, coloured, unstraightened
    from 2,90 €
    round, soft, semi-gloss paint, formed into a ring
  • Aluminium wire, bare, unstraightened
    Aluminium wire, bare, unstraightened
    from 11,90 €
    round, soft, formed into a ring
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