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      Wood Pearls



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      • Wooden beads, mixed shapes and colours
        3 Variants
        Wooden beads, mixed shapes and colours
        from 18,50 €
        string beads in various shapes and colours that are made from European woods, painted with glossy finish or also dyed with a matte finish (free of heavy metals, sweat and saliva resistant, the paints conform to the...
      • Beechwood beads set
        2 Variants
        Beechwood beads set
        from 5,90 €
        Dimension specifications: ø ball x ø bore, Material: Lacquered beech wood, Content: 4 beads per set
      • Wooden beads, pine, through-bored, natural
        2 Variants
        Wooden beads, pine, through-bored, natural
        from 3,50 €
      • Wooden beads, poplar, through-bored, natural
        Wooden beads, poplar, through-bored, natural
        from 8,90 €
      Information about Wood Pearls

      Attributes: Our wooden beads are very well made. They are made exclusively by European producers using European woods. Because the finished product can and should end up in children’s hands, the paints and dyes employed are not only free of heavy metals as well as saliva and sweat resistant but also conform to the German Food and Commodities Law (LMBG).

      Among other things, this law prescribes which attributes are allowed for objects that come into direct contact with foodstuffs. Because the statutes of the German Food and Commodities Law are much stricter that those covering toys, any object made from our coloured wooden beads can be allowed in the hands of small children as well as in their mouths! Please keep in mind, however, that small children up to 3 years old are especially prone to swallowing small objects!


      Uses: Wooden beads are the perfect things for children to use when learning to be creative. In combination with leather strapselastic cords or wire, the beads can be used to make not only jewellery pieces like necklaces or armbands but Christmas tree ornaments, toys or figures as well. In addition, they are great for constructing molecular models that can illustrate the atomic configuration of a material. It should also be mentioned that more ambitious jewellery creations can be achieved when the beads are used in combination with other materials.