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Perforated Sheets

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Perforated sheets for decorative and functional interiors

Due to its stable and decorative properties, perforated sheeting is a sought-after product when it comes to covering furniture and loudspeakers, making furniture doors, lampshades, cable holders and shelves. They are particularly popular as suspension systems for all kinds of utensils such as tools, kitchen appliances, jewellery, bags or towels. They are also often used as back walls when - as with computers, for example - both protection and air permeability need to be ensured.

Finer perforated sheets are used in model making, handicrafts and in the production of jewellery. Interesting effects result when two perforated sheets with the same perforation are mounted twisted on top of each other. In this way, the so-called moiré effect is created, which is best shown to advantage in transmitted light.

In addition to their use in design and DIY, perforated sheets also have a high technical and functional value. Sieves, presses, dryers, filters, ventilation grilles and washing machine drums are typical technical applications for perforated metals.

Large variety of square and round perforations

We offer perforated sheets of crude steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and etched brass. Perforated sheets of galvanised steel and aluminium are not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. To avoid or delay oxidation and metal changes, we recommend oxidation protection such as Zapon lacquer.

Each perforated plate is characterised by a large number of equally sized holes of the same geometrical shape and position, arranged in staggered or straight rows. In addition to the well-known round and square perforations, you will also find sheets with rectangular perforations, so-called oblong holes, as well as sheets with cross perforations. The hole widths of our perforated sheets range from 0.75 mm to one centimetre. The individual sheets have thicknesses between 0.2 and 1.5 mm and are up to 1.0 x 2.0 metres in size.

The different arrangements of the holes to each other are defined by the hole position. The round perforation offset by 60° is most frequently encountered. In this hole position, the centers of three adjacent holes each form an equilateral triangle. Other typical hole positions are round holes offset by 45° or made in straight rows. The square hole plates offered by us are characterised by their arrangement in straight rows. Our fine perforated brass sheets consist of square, rectangular and diamond holes.

In order to differentiate between the different hole dimensions, the dimensions hole width or length and hole pitch have become established. The hole width of a perforated plate is the diameter of a round hole or the side length of a square hole, the hole length means the longer side length of a long hole. The hole pitch consists of the hole width and the distance between two holes.

The processing of perforated sheets

Perforated sheets can be processed like unperforated sheets. Brass and thin aluminium sheets up to half a millimetre can still be cut with a cutter or scissors. Thicker sheets can be cut with sheet shears or hydraulic and electric cutting tools. We recommend jigsaws and circular saws (with non-ferrous metal saw blade) for cutting strong aluminium perforated sheets.

The edges of entire perforated sheets are characterised by a 3 to 20 mm wide, unperforated edge due to production. Due to the sales-related cutting from whole sheets, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the delivery of sheets without edges. Perforated sheets can be bent just like normal sheets and thus gain stability.

In order to give the preferred perforated sheet the final touch and to decorate it with one or more colours, the surface should first be degreased for reasons of adhesion. Our priming sprays from Presto and Holts are suitable for subsequent priming. Colour accents can be set with metallic sprays such as the Weicon metal spray.

Perforated sheets made to measure

With the exception of our fine, etched brass sheets and our fine perforated aluminium sheets, you can have all our perforated sheets cut to size. You tell us your desired format and we cut your perforated sheet accordingly. You can find out exactly how our perforated sheeting cutting works, what the minimum cutting dimensions are and how instant cutting in the Modulor shop works on our customisation page. Discover our entire range of cut-to-size products for perforated sheeting.