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      Transparent Spray


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      • Marabu Transparent Spray, colourless
        6 Variants
        Marabu Transparent Spray, colourless
        from 7,90 €
        smudge-resistant, weather-resistant
      • Molotow Urban Fine-Art, varnish/lacquer
        3 Variants
        Molotow Urban Fine-Art, varnish/lacquer
        from 8,90 €
        UV resistant varnish is acrylic-based, glossy (depending on the substrate), transparent (no coverage) 2K lacquer is acrylic-based, scratch and smudge resistant, high degree of weather and UV resistance
      • Clou Spraymat zapon spray varnish
        Clou Spraymat zapon spray varnish
        from 21,90 €
        nitrocellulose lacquer, transparent, colourless, glossy, smudge-resistant, not weather-resistant
      • Royal Talens Amsterdam transparent paint
        Royal Talens Amsterdam transparent paint
        from 18,90 €
        spray paint for protecting painting surfaces, Krethan technology, suitable for exterior use, transparent, non-yellowing, durable, scratch resistant, wear resistant, resistant to skin oils when handled, quick-drying,...
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