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      • Clou powder wood stain, water soluble
        powder stain for self-mixing, mixing ratio: 1 bag powder stain (5 g or alternatively 12 g depending on the stain colour) per 250 mm of water, lightfast (non-fading), stains are miscible with one another, can be...
        24 Variants
        Clou powder wood stain, water soluble
        from 3,60 €
      • Lumberjack Shellac coating varnish
        natural resin solvated in denatured alcohol, wax-free, glossy, no odour after drying, non-toxic, biodegradable, conforms to European safety norm EN 71-3 (toy safety) and the requirements under the § 35 of the German...
        Lumberjack Shellac coating varnish
        from 11,00 €
      • Clou EL wood sealer
        colourless and transparent, solvent that is free of aromatics. abrasion resistant, waterproof and resistant to oil, grease and alcohol, PVC stable; usage amount: 1litre for 12 m² per coat, conforms to the European...
        2 Variants
        Clou EL wood sealer
        from 12,20 €
      • Clou antique wax, solid
        for wood in interior areas, satin-glossy, beeswax-based, gentle to skin
        Clou antique wax, solid
        from 10,80 €
      • Clou Aqua protect L11 wood varnish
        colourless transparent, thinnable with water, odour-free, with integrated hygiene protection, very durable, lightfast, resistant to alcohol and household cleaning and care products, PVC compatible, Coverage: 1 litre...
        2 Variants
        Clou Aqua protect L11 wood varnish
        from 12,30 €
      • Biofarben Work Top Oil
        for much used indoor wood, based on natural oil and wax, transparent colourless, satin-matte, waterproof, minimal odour, anti-static; yield: 20-25 ml/m² per coat, recoatable after 12 to 24 hours, thoroughly dry after...
        Biofarben Work Top Oil
        from 11,50 €
      • Clou Aqua Combi Lack-Lasur L17
        water-based, semi-gloss, odour-free, quick-drying, lightfast: Coverage: 1 litre /12 sq. meters per coat, conforms to European norm 68861 1 B (chemical resistance of furniture surfaces), Blue Angel certification...
        2 Variants
        Clou Aqua Combi Lack-Lasur L17
        from 21,20 €
      • Clou G1 quick dry primer
        transparent colourless nitrocellulose primer for raw and stained wood, high build primer, fast-drying; coverage: 1l/8 m² per coat, hazard warning: Xi = irritant, F = highly inflammable
        2 Variants
        Clou G1 quick dry primer
        from 9,40 €
      • Biofarben Lasurbinder
        water-based binding agent concentrate, soap and wax, transparent colourless, matter finish when dry, water permeable, non-yellowing, thin with water in a ratio of 1:5-6 before use, Coverage: 750 ml CONCENTRATE for...
        Biofarben Lasurbinder
        from 17,80 €
      • Biofarben opaque paint, natural white, glossy
        for interior and exterior use, made of plant oils and resins, low solvent content, highly opaque, elastic, water repellent, water vapour permeable, colourfast when exposed to saliva or perspiration as per DIN 53160;...
        2 Variants
        Biofarben opaque paint, natural white, glossy
        from 9,95 €
      • Biofarben special wax-based varnish
        water-based wood varnish, semi-gloss, permeable by water vapour, can be polished; Coverage: 80-100 ml/m², dries in 1-2 hours, thoroughly dry in 24 hours, shelf life when unopened is 1 year
        Biofarben special wax-based varnish
        from 17,50 €
      • Clou Holzbeize Aqua B11
        lightfast water-based pigment stain (acrylate), for interior use, ready-to-use, colours are intermixable, can be painted over with watercolours and solvent-based paints, coverage: 1 litre/5-6 square metres per coat
        6 Variants
        Clou Holzbeize Aqua B11
        from 10,80 €
      • Biofarben hard oil
        for interior use, natural oil-based, yellowish transparent, satin-matte, water repellent, water vapor permeable; yield: 60-80 ml/m² per coat, dust-dry after 10 to 12 hours, treadable and recoatable after 16 to 24...
        Biofarben hard oil
        from 17,60 €
      • Biofarben weatherproofing
        natural oil and wax based, colourless (slightly reddish on new, lightcoloured wood), water repellent, open-pored, no film build-up, refreshes colours, mineral pigments (no real pigments: no UV protection); Coverage:...
        Biofarben weatherproofing
        from 18,60 €
      • Clou wood varnish L1
        colourless transparent nitro-based combination varnish, universal application, quick-drying, takes to sanding well, easy to use, resistant to the alcohol in drinks; coverage: 1 litre for 12 square metres per coat,...
        2 Variants
        Clou wood varnish L1
        from 10,60 €
      • Kreul wood stain, basic set
        water-based acrylic paint
        liquid, miscible
        Attributes ...
        saliva resistant
        Kreul wood stain, basic set
        from 15,90 €
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