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      Wood varnish


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      • Clou Aqua Protect L11 wood varnish
        2 Variants
        Clou Aqua Protect L11 wood varnish
        from 16,90 €
        colourless transparent, thinnable with water, odour-free, with integrated hygiene protection, very durable, lightfast, resistant to alcohol and household cleaning and care products, PVC compatible, Coverage: 1 litre...
      • Clou wood varnish L1
        2 Variants
        Clou wood varnish L1
        from 14,30 €
        colourless transparent nitro-based combination varnish, universal application, quick-drying, takes to sanding well, easy to use, resistant to the alcohol in drinks; coverage: 1 litre for 12 square metres per coat
      • Clou Shellac coating varnish
        Clou Shellac coating varnish
        from 14,80 €
      • Biofarben top coat, natural white, glossy
        2 Variants
        Biofarben top coat, natural white, glossy
        from 11,90 €
        for interior and exterior use, made of plant oils and resins, low solvent content, highly opaque, elastic, water repellent, water vapour permeable, colourfast when exposed to saliva or perspiration as per DIN 53160;...
      • Clou EL wood sealer
        2 Variants
        Clou EL wood sealer
        from 15,90 €
        colourless and transparent, solvent that is free of aromatics. abrasion resistant, waterproof and resistant to oil, grease and alcohol, PVC stable; usage amount: 1litre for 12 m² per coat, conforms to the European...
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