Liquid Rubber & Rubber Spray

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Information about liquid rubber & rubber spray

Think of grippy, rubberized tool handles or frayed rope ends that have been bundled by a rubber coating - mibenco® liquid rubber is a synthetic rubber coating for indoor and outdoor use that can be sprayed on, brushed on or applied by dipping to give an abrasion-resistant and very adhesive coating. It can be used to rubberize, coat, grip, seal or bundle numerous materials. Liquid rubber is also discussed more frequently in modeling forums because coated parts are (salt) waterproof and insulated up to 60 watts. Added to this is resistance to most acids and bases. The coating also remains elastic even at extreme temperatures and does not crack. After sufficient drying time, mibenco® liquid rubber is absolutely odorless and can be described as harmless to food and skin.

Sole latex, on the other hand, is an inexpensive alternative - in a way the handicraft variant - to mibenco® liquid rubber, which is available in a pleasantly small quantity, but for which, on the other hand, less technical data is available than for mibenco® liquid rubber.