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Perforated sheeting cut to size: individual and uncomplicated

Light- and air-permeable, robust and decorative - a perforated sheet cut to size offers numerous possibilities to get creative. Whether you want to design hanging systems in the kitchen or the door front of a cupboard, our service will cut the metal sheets to the right size for your project.

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What is a perforated sheet?

Basically, the term is self-explanatory: perforated sheets are rolled metal sheets with uniformly sized, uniformly shaped and regularly arranged holes. Since 2002, the correct designation according to DIN 24041 has been perforated plate. In practice, however, this term has been almost completely neglected so far and so we also casually stick to the term perforated sheet cut to size.

How is the perforated sheeting for your cut made?

How is the perforated sheeting for your cut made?

Punching, perforating or drilling - various processes are used to produce a perforated sheet. Depending on the material, perforation and number of pieces produced, wide and strip presses, automatic punching machines, rollers and lasers are used. The perforated sheets are straightened and then further processed.

Perforated sheeting cut to size - the basis for your ideas

Perforated sheeting cut to size - the basis for your ideas

Would you like to design a cupboard door with a fresh air effect or a privacy screen with sunlight? Do you want to design a decorative light or a pendant decorated with textile threads? Perforated sheet cuttings form the ideal basis.

We encounter them in everyday life as balcony railings, benches, loudspeaker covers, ventilation grilles of terrariums or screens in numerous places. Let yourself be inspired by the balanced look and special texture of the material. Realise your idea with a perforated sheet cut to size and add refined extras. With metal leaf, for example, you can give perforated sheets a noble look and at the same time bring the stylish colour variants of copper and gold into play.

Perforated sheets can be so versatile

Perforated sheet blanks offer you a varied potpourri. Offset round, straight square and decorative cross perforations not only provide visual variety. The relative free perforation area (A₀) must be taken into account, for example, if you use the material as a sieve. It also determines how much light and air passes through your sheet.

Qg or Rv? Abbreviations provide clarity

Qg or Rv? Abbreviations provide clarity

Make the search for a suitable perforated sheet blank as easy as possible. You will find the most common variants directly as abbreviations in the product designation. The capital R stands for round hole, Q for square hole and L for slotted hole. The small letters g, v and d indicate straight, staggered and diagonally staggered rows. The small e is reserved for square holes.

The designation Qg of a perforated sheet thus indicates that you have a square perforation in a straight row in front of you. Rv indicates a round perforation in diagonally staggered rows. Good examples of these two variants are, for example, the aluminium square hole, straight and our galvanised steel round hole, staggered.

Hole width, hole pitch and web width

Hole width, hole pitch and web width

Of course, the dimensions of the individual holes can also be decisive for the selection of a perforated sheet blank. You will also find them directly on the product. Of particular interest here are the hole width (w), hole length (l), hole pitch (t) and web width (c).

The hole width gives you information about the diameter or edge length of a hole. The hole length is found on sheets with slotted holes. The hole pitch is defined as the distance between the centres of two adjacent holes.

If you have a metal sheet with the designation Rv 1.5/2.5 in front of you, it is a perforated sheet with round holes in staggered rows. The hole width w is 1.5 mm, the hole pitch t 2.5 mm. You can calculate the web width c from these two values. The following formula applies: c=t-w This results in a gap of 1 mm.

Aluminium or steel - what is your perforated sheet blank made of?

Aluminium or steel - what is your perforated sheet blank made of?

Perforated sheets that are available online in our cut-to-size section are made of steel or aluminium. Both materials have robust properties and a long service life.

Steel is hard-wearing, heat-conducting and easy to form. As a cold-rolled variant, as you will find in the perforated sheets in our shop, the metal has a higher degree of hardness. Hot-rolled sheets, on the other hand, are tougher and easier to weld.

Practical tip: If you use a perforated sheet cut from untreated steel, you should only use it indoors because it rusts. The fully galvanised version, like the lighter aluminium, is moisture-resistant and weatherproof.

Metal meets metal - keyword contact corrosion: You want to combine different metals for your project? You should consider the following when planning your project: Depending on the inherent electrical potential, the presence of an electrolytic conductor and a different corrosion resistance of the materials, an electrochemical reaction can occur. As a result, one of the two metals begins to corrode.

To avoid this contact corrosion, it can be useful to:

  • shield the different metals from each other,
  • choose the materials in such a way that contact corrosion does not occur
  • make sure that no corrosion medium is present.

Have your perforated sheeting professionally cut to size

The cutting of a perforated sheet depends on the thickness of the material. From scissors to a circular saw, various tools can be used to cut the sheets individually.

Important: Precision is essential when cutting metal. We offer you the security that your perforated sheet cut will arrive with low cutting tolerances. You can order the workpieces conveniently online and have them delivered directly to your home.

There is one thing to note: The edges of the perforated sheets are closed due to the production process. We cut the whole sheet to size. If you would like to receive a delivery with an unperforated or completely perforated edge, please state this in your order. You can see the exact conditions on our individualization page.