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      Marker Paper

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      • Bleedproof Marker Pad, 70 g/m²
        3 Variants
        Bleedproof Marker Pad, 70 g/m²
        from 7,50 €
        bright white layout paper, chlorine-free bleached, smooth, dimensional stability, markers do not bleed through, developed specially for Copic markers, bonded together at the top, printed cardboard cover, cardboard...
      • Janus sketchbook for markers
        Janus sketchbook for markers
        from 28,50 €
        white drawing paper, rough, wood-free, acid-free, chlorine-free bleached, thread binding, very basic cover made of 2 mm thick, untreated bookbinder greyboard, has grey linen spine
      • Molotow One4all Professional Sketchbook
        Molotow One4all Professional Sketchbook
        from 24,90 €
        bright white layout paper, lightfast and age-resistant, smooth, dimensional stability, markers will not bleed through the paper
      • Schoellershammer Reflex marker paper, 75 g/m²
        3 Variants
        Schoellershammer Reflex marker paper, 75 g/m²
        from 10,90 €
        bright white layout paper, lightfast, aging-resistant, smooth, excellent dimensional stability, bleed-proof for markers, glued at the top, printed paperboard cover, back cover is sturdy cardboard
      • Molotow Black Pad, 150 g/m²
        Molotow Black Pad, 150 g/m²
        from 4,90 €
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