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Copic Sketch

When it comes to layout markers, the Copic Sketch is still the benchmark. Its immense color spectrum, refillable tank and interchangeable tips offer you a wide range of options for your work.

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Sustainable, flexible and colorful - the Copic Sketch

Copic Sketch covers the entire color spectrum of the brand. This line offers you a total of 358 different shades of pencil for your illustrations, mangas or comics. To help you keep track at all times, the cap ends are colored and marked with the respective color codes.

The oval-shaped barrel of the pen contains a tank that holds around 1.8 ml of the alcohol-based and quick-drying Copic Ink dye ink. As with the company's other markers, it can also be easily refilled. The tips of the Copic Sketch are interchangeable. In addition to a medium-width wedge tip, which is suitable for areas, medium-width and fine lines and dots depending on the angle selected, the Copic Sketch marker has a soft Super Brush tip. It is firm at the barrel and softer towards the tip. This allows you to vary the line width by changing the pressure applied to the Copic Sketch. The tip is not only practical for creating smooth transitions. You can also use it to color areas. Your result will be particularly even if you move the brush tip over the paper in small, ever-increasing circular movements.

Good to know: A brush tip that turns white may indicate that it is time to refill your Copic Sketch. To do this, you need the same ink that is used in the Classic and Ciao markers.

Single pen or set?

Single pen or set?

If you are planning to put together a completely individual selection of different Copic Sketch markers, individual pens are the right choice. You can decide whether you want to start with the different shades of a color family, choose particularly vivid nuances or only grey tones. If the color palette with its 358 shades seems a little intimidating, you also have the option of using different combinations from the brand. Sets are available that include 12, 2436 or 72 pencils.

Tip: Copic Sketch blank markers allow you to expand the color palette of the line even further. You can mix the different ink colors as you wish and create individual markers that are specially tailored to your requirements.

The Copic AirBrush system

Tip: If your work calls for clear contours instead of color gradients, you have a marker-compatible solution at hand with the Copic Multiliner. Discover what makes the Japanese fineliner so special.